Events, Police Action | Major police action in Porsgrunn

Events, Police Action |  Major police action in Porsgrunn

TA was contacted by tipsters on Monday evening who were surprised to see the blue lights working so well at Vallermyrene in Porsgrunn. Caller to TA tells of multiple police cars surrounding the scene throughout the emergency.

– Many cars have driven here at full speed. The man says there were also civilian police cars. If the DA was contacted at 8:30 p.m., the police would have been on duty for an hour, according to the tipster.

Another tipster tells of several policemen driving in that direction from Myron in Skene.

– Now drives four police cars on call. One of these was the Armored Zelanderwagen.

Operations Manager of the Southeast Police District, √ėyvind Hammervold, told TA that police operations are ongoing in the area. There must have been a large police presence in connection with an arrest. Beyond this, the Operations Manager will not provide additional details.

– Is this a wanted person?

– I can’t comment on that right now, Hamervold says, there will be an arrest.

TA’s photographer witnessed the emergency in Eitangar. Several police cars and ambulances are lined up on various streets in the area.

– Some of the police cars are empty, so it might look like the police are looking for someone, says our photographer.

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