This means the symbols on the frame

This means the symbols on the frame

(Al-Bail24): You change your car’s tires twice a year, and between them you have to realize that the tires you took off six months ago have done their job and must be replaced.

As an Elbil24 Pro member, you have full access to the biggest tire test of the year, and we've also checked the prices of the five best tires in the test.

But when we looked at the prices specifically, we were struck by how many people were paying unnecessary amounts for new tires. Frame size is one thing, but have you noticed that there are more numbers and letters on the frame?

We are taking a review.

This patch is not known to many


The main thing when buying new tires is the dimensions. It is written in the form above, i.e. 205/55R16, for example.

The first part, in our case 205, is the width of the tire in millimeters. Therefore, our frame is 20.5 centimeters wide.

Then comes the number that indicates how tall the frame is, expressed as a percentage of the width. 55 in our case means that the thickness of the tire (205*55/100) is 113 mm when viewed from the side. If you have 50 or more here, the frame is often referred to as a high-level frame, while 45 and a lower value in the “second link” indicates a low-level frame.

R indicates the type of tire – in this case a radial tire. In the past, there were also diagonal tires, but no one uses them anymore. The difference lies in how the layers of thread are positioned in the frame.

The number 16 indicates the wheel diameter, that is, the diameter of the hole in the tire, in inches. 16 inches equals approximately 40 cm. It must then fit the rim on which the tire will be mounted.

91 volts, 95 watts, 99 hours…

Low profile tires are generally more expensive than high profile tires, but one thing that also affects the price greatly are the load and speed codes.

They are represented by two numbers and a letter respectively.

Take a look at these two listings at one of the online stores we checked prices in:

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This means the symbols on the frame

The frames have the same dimensions – the only difference is that it says 91 volts on one and 94 watts on the other. The price difference is noticeable – four pieces of the most expensive frames add an additional cost of over 1,500 NOK.

So let's take a look at what exactly these number and letter combinations mean.

91 and 94 are the download codes. 91 represents a load of 615 kg, while 94 represents 670 kg. This is the weight each wheel can bear.

Many people can smoke here

Many people can smoke here

On a Nissan LEAF, to which these wheels are normally fitted, the maximum axle load is 1040 kg at the front (= 520 kg per wheel) and 980 kg at the rear (= 490 kg per wheel). In other words, a cheaper tire will last a lot longer.

Then there were the letters. The letter V indicates that the maximum permissible speed of the tire is 240 km/h, while the W tire has a speed of 270 km/h. These are speeds the Nissan Leaf will never reach – not even on inclines or into a tailwind.

In other words, for a Nissan Leaf owner, it would have been a complete waste to choose the more expensive model.

Verifying the vehicle card

On the registration card on your vehicle (or in Swedish Roads Administration) You'll find information about the maximum permissible front and rear axle load, which you can then divide by two to find the minimum load for each tire.

Below you will find two tables of download codes and speed:

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Specifically on the vehicle registration card, you will also find what are the approved tire dimensions for your car. The easiest thing, of course, is to find tires that are the same dimensions as the tires you're replacing, but most will accept more than one dimension. However, remember that you may suddenly have to buy new tires as well if you choose a different size.

Other designations

Sometimes, you may also find designations such as XL or SUV, which only indicate that the tires are suitable for very large cars. They will usually have a shipping code up to the 90s.

“Runflat” or “Rf” also offers a premium price for many, which simply means that you can drive the tire a few miles at a reasonable speed even if it has a puncture, so you can manage the tire without a spare wheel. Here, the side walls have a special structure that makes them more durable than usual.

note! Also remember that the frame has a date mark – read more here:

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