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Anne-Kate Ellingsen (t.v) fikk aldri varene hun betalte. Flere i kø utenfor selskapet, Garderobemannen.

– Anne-Kate Ellingson says I have zero faith in them and would like to get my money back.

In January, the 50-year-old from Rogaland ordered two sliding doors from GM showrooms.

But she did not have access to materials worth 8,000 kroner. On Tuesday, for the second time, news came that the company had been declared bankrupt.

Anne-Kate Ellingsen’s plan was to get a cupboard in the bathroom, but it still has no sliding doors.

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– I think this is a recurring story. And that kind of company may not be able to function as they do.

The same person is behind the company Bankrupt with former Carteropemann, Two years ago. At the time, the home manager was claiming up to NOK 112 million.

Since then, the case has been under investigation by Økokrim.

– I was angry

Many customers are now suffering from bankruptcy. Many of them have paid tens of thousands of dollars for goods that have not yet arrived.

Anne Margaret Hole from Sandefjord did not receive supplies like Ellington.

– There was a message they could not deliver, and then there was another message. There were delays at all times. They owe a lot to the war, Hol says.

He paid 20,000 kroner in advance for a cupboard he had never seen before.

– To say the least, I was angry. I have written many emails about getting my money back, but I have not received it yet. I have to consider losing this money.

Lots of clutter but not a wardrobe here

Anne Margaret Hole ordered cabinets for two bedrooms and an entrance hall and paid 20,000 kroner in advance.

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The district court stepped in

Now the heir has also been declared bankrupt. Pisnodin’s statistics show that GMS has the worst credit rating in its two years

Finally, Søndre Østfold District Court took its footing. The last was a tax claim with default interest of more than NOK 11.2 million.

Bankruptcy Housing Manager Ole Magnus Carlsen played a similar role in 2020. He will now, among other things, review the company’s values ​​and see what can be sold.

In a press release, Carteropemannan writes that if the operating company had received a refund plan, the request could have been fully settled.

However, the court held that there was a risk that the activities would be at the expense of other lenders. Thus, bankruptcy was opened.

The process continues

The company’s attorney, Trond Karlsen, did not want to comment on the verdict.

According to the press release, Carteropemannen will find a solution with the bankruptcy garden so that he can continue operations in the new company.

– If so, we guarantee that customers who wish to make deliveries from the new company will not lose anything in the event of bankruptcy.

In addition, all employees working in GM showrooms have been offered jobs at the new company.

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