House fire spread to forest area – not contained

House fire spread to forest area – not contained
The house was reportedly gutted and the fire spread to nearby woods.

The fire service has attended a house on fire in Brumundal.

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At 1.29pm, emergency services were alerted to a house fire in Burumundal. As the house was in a wooded area, the fire spread quickly.

At 2.03pm Fire Chief Dorjeer Dybvik says:

– It’s hectic here now. The house burst into flames, setting fire to the surrounding woods. We have no control over fire.

At 14.38, VG was informed that the fire department still did not have a complete overview of the fire area.

– We’ll get a firefighting helicopter, but we don’t have control yet. Dipwick says the fire is still spreading.

Orange fire danger warning for southern Norway

Forest fire risk is increasing rapidly and has now extended to orange level for large parts of southern Norway.

Fire District East and Westfold Intermunicipal Fire Service reported a total of more than 40 fires in their areas on Friday.

There is now a complete ban on the use of open flames in most parts of the country.

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Introducing a complete ban on open flames

Open fires and bonfires are prohibited in Romerike, Follo and Østfold.

A grass and heather fire broke out on a road in Pomlo on Saturday. On Sunday, Civil Defense was asked to put out grass and heather fires. The fire should have been contained at the scene, but the fire is still burning, he writes Haugesund’s newspaper.

Canada has also seen hundreds of wildfires in the past week.

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