Colon cancer: Stomach bloating was cancer

Colon cancer: Stomach bloating was cancer

In 2020, Lindsey Jayn Piette (38 years old) from Ontario in Canada has been a very busy mother of two young children. She was up and down with her beloved daughter and her schedule was busy every day.

In the midst of all this stress, she had been suffering from constipation and feeling bloated for a long time. Flatulence has become a daily problem.

– I thought it was due to a gluten allergy or lactose intolerance, Piette tells the Jam Press news agency.

But a doctor’s appointment a year later will show something completely different.

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It was “lactose intolerance” cancer

Peet says she had had stomach pains for several years that she believed were caused by her diet.

After consulting with a family member about the ailments, I finally decided to have a colonoscopy.

On April 19, 2021, you will attend the doctor for a check-up. A week later came the depressing message:

She had a five centimeter tumor in her stomach.

– I was shocked. I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. Suddenly my job and all the daily stressors are so small and insignificant, says the mother of young children to Jam.

– I was sure I was lactose intolerant. She went on to say that I now have cancer and it felt completely unreal.

She says the only thing he could think of her after was fighting for her daughter.

– Hell

For a year, Piette spends a good portion of her time on grueling treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Due to covid restrictions, she has little contact with family and close friends, which makes her very depressed.

– I felt very lonely. At the same time, I had to keep my spirits high for the sake of my daughter. But she is attached to it.

2021 is coming to an end, and Peet is leaving several tumultuous months behind him. Gradually you feel better and better in shape, and in January 2022 the tests carried out by the GP showed that the tumor had disappeared.

– I was overjoyed. Peet says I thought for a while I was going to die.

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Take action for health

Even though the mom of young children is now cancer-free, she has made several changes to her diet for fear of relapse. She also took various measures for her physical health, as she struggled with anxiety after her cancer diagnosis:

– I don’t eat red meat anymore, and I eat a lot more vegetables than I did before. I also take ice baths, which I feel helps me clear my thoughts and reduce stress, she says bluntly.

According to the Cancer Society A healthy and varied diet can reduce the risk of cancer. They encourage everyone to eat plenty of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits and fish. Furthermore, they write that you should choose low-fat dairy options, and that you should limit the amount of processed and red meat — as well as foods and drinks with lots of salt, sugar and fat.

Today Payet is 41 years old. The mother of young children says the frightening message she received at the doctor’s office three years ago left an imprint on her soul:

– It really gave me a “reality check” and a kick in the chest. I don’t press as much as before, and I take it easier in everyday life.

She advises others to take good measures for their health, and to consult their doctor if they have similar symptoms.

“I am grateful every day for every new day that I get and I will really take care of myself from now on,” she says in conclusion.

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