Three astronauts are stranded in space on Christmas Eve

Three astronauts are stranded in space on Christmas Eve
LEAK-FIX HERE: This image shows the International Space Station, taken by a team from Russia’s Soyuz MS-19 on March 30, 2022.

Russia is working on a rescue plan to bring the three cosmonauts home after they are trapped by a leak.


Writes Watchman.

According to the newspaper, it is not clear whether a new space capsule will be sent to recover it, or whether the astronauts will return with the leaky space capsule.

The latter seems less likely, they wrote, because most of the coolant in it has leaked.

Videos of the leak show what appears to be a blizzard of white coolant particles pouring out of the capsule:

The leak from a space capsule on the International Space Station (ISS) was first detected on December 14, NASA writes in press release

They are working with Russia’s Roscosmos to deal with the situation.

There are currently seven astronauts on the International Space Station. Without the ability to use a Soyuz capsule, they only have one capsule that can hold four people if the space station needs to be evacuated.

The leaking capsule, Soyuz MS-22, took off with NASA astronaut Frank Rubio and Roscosmos cosmonauts Sirky Prokopyev and Dmitry Petlin from Kazakhstan on September 21 of this year.

They write that Roscosmos monitors the temperature in the capsule, which so far remains within acceptable limits.

If analyzes of how hot the capsule shows that it cannot travel with it, another Soyuz capsule that was due to launch in mid-March could be accelerated, Sergey Krikalev of Roskosmos said at a joint press conference with NASA, according to The Guardian.

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– Joel Montalbano of NASA added that they see the end of February as an opportunity to send the next Soyuz capsule.

It is still not clear how the leak occurred. It was considered whether it could be due Gemini, Gemini, The Geminids are one of the many annual meteor showers, and one of the most powerful. Meteor showers are called Geminids because the shooting stars appear to come from the constellation Gemini.annual meteor showers, but it has been concluded that this is not the case.


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