Three World Cup hotels ban gay men from entering Qatar – Dagsavisen

Three World Cup hotels ban gay men from entering Qatar - Dagsavisen

Show review NRK He did this in collaboration with Swedish SVT and Danish DR.

During the FIFA Congress in March, President Gianni Infantino emphasized that everyone was welcome, “even when we talk about LGBT+”.

The 69 hotels are contacted via email or phone. Three are not gay, 20 answered “yes, but with restrictions”, 33 have no objection, while another 13 have not responded or are currently operating as quarantine hotels.

This is of course unacceptable and inconsistent with what the World Cup committee has promised, that there will be a guarantee of legal security (for gays, editor’s note) during the tournament, says Norwegian Football Association President Liz Clavens.

– FIFA is confident that all necessary measures will be taken for LGBT+ supporters, so that they, like everyone else, can feel welcome and safe during the tournament, FIFA answers in an email.

The three hotels that answered “no” were contacted again. One hotel responded that it is the official hotel policy, while the other said it does not outperform the position of the World Cup organiser. The latter stands alone and says that he follows the laws of Qatar.

Homosexuality is prohibited in Qatar. According to Amnesty International, seven years in prison can be punished.

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