Tibber: – Strong feedback

Tibber: - Strong feedback

Tibber, which has been among the pioneers in the smart use of electricity, has gained many customers in recent years.

The company offers one electricity contract, costing NOK 39 per month in a fixed amount with an additional cost of one, making it one of the most affordable electricity companies. They are also known to have a rich app, with a separate shop for power tools, which allows you, among other things, to monitor usage in real time, adjust the charging of the electric vehicle to charge when energy is cheaper and the like.

Change the bills

Tibber is now changing the way invoicing works, and the change is explained in an email sent to customers. Tibber customers must pay for a month and a half’s consumption on the following invoice (which arrives within two days): Actual consumption in September, plus Tibber’s estimates for the October half.

In the following month, you will pay for actual consumption in the latter half of October plus projected consumption in the first half of November. The real consumption bill from the first half of October has also been corrected against what is stipulated. and so on.

strong feedback

High electricity prices and high interest rates

Tibber illustrates this change as costs increase. Until the customer pays the bill, it is the electric company that has to pay for the electricity, and with higher interest rates (and higher electricity prices) this becomes more expensive than before.

– In Norway, the authorities have not yet come up with any guarantee or support schemes for electricity producers and suppliers. We have challenged both Parliament and administrations on this, but we have come to nothing. The situation affects us and the other electricity companies, because we pay for the electricity you use for up to 45 days before you pay for it. Altogether, this is about billions of dollars that we have to borrow, and when electricity prices go up and interest rates go up, that means the cost of buying electricity increases a lot, she says on the Tibber’s website.

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For Tibber, the choice was between increasing the additional cost for customers or reducing the number of days they had to pay for electricity. So the choice fell on the latter, which means customers will pay for an estimated consumption of 14 days from the invoice that arrives on October 1.

– The billing period is up to the due date and will include actual consumption and estimated consumption. However, the change is that you now pay up to the due date, explains Gaute Haversen-Westhassel, Tibber’s Director of Communications, to DinSide.

– We have to take this step to keep costs down, says Tibber President Edgeir Vårdal to Aksnes E24.


The reactions on social media did not last long:

On Reddit it was also created string Where the thread writer asks which electric company you should switch to.

Offer flexibility in payment

At the same time as this change, Tibber will now, in cooperation with a partner, offer an interest-free electricity bill deferment for 30 days, and as a customer you will have the opportunity to adjust the due date on the bill yourself – between the 14th and 25th of each month.

Updated: We first wrote that Tibber wants a down payment, but we’ve defined new billing procedures.

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