Tina Tyne tested positive for Corona

Tina Tyne tested positive for Corona

At the end of September, 38-year-old Tina Tien, in tears, told other participants of the “Farmin” program that she Withdraw from the program.

She did so after only a week and a half on screen, spending a lot of TV time – especially for her little amp mood Between her and Salikha Gil (36).

Now, “The Farm” was an old chapter for the 38-year-old. According to Teien, this week she was scheduled to be involved in a completely different TV production, a program whose content she does not want to reveal.

But after he tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday last week – the new project went “whistle”.

house wanted: The new participant must leave the “farm” after an equal duel. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Thea Hope / Red Carpet
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– He thought it was then

The nightmare of the illness began on Wednesday last week, and one day she would meet two other participants, Annette Svendsen, 40, and Greth Enlid, 50, in Oslo.

– I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore throat. I caught a cold and tested myself – so I thought there were repercussions afterwards. So I took two paracetamols and went to town and stayed with them all day, she told Dagbladet.

Home again: Tina Tien is back home from

Home Again: Tina Tien is back home from “The Farm”. But at the moment, it’s not all good in private. Photo: Tor Lindseth/Look and Hear
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During the afternoon, I noticed that she was getting more and more tired. So, she also came home early at 9pm. The next day, she tested herself with both the home test and the normal test – both tests showed she was sick with corona.

Teien herself has no idea how she contracted the virus.

Feel completely tired

The days that followed were, to put it mildly, heavy.

– In the early days I was very scared. It’s a virus that I read about and tried to avoid for a year and a half, so its diagnosis was disgusting. I’ve never been terminally ill, but what’s so disgusting is that you don’t quite know how sick you are. Fear is the most disgusting.

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She completes:

– In the first days I had a high temperature, above 39. With the regular flu it gets better, but this started with a sore throat before the fever appeared. I was feeling nauseous and dizzy. After that I lost my sense of smell, and my sense of taste disappeared after that. Teien says it changes all the time, now I’m totally exhausted.

– In great pain

However, they are not the only diseases that the participant in the “Farmen” program suffers from.

– For some strange reason, I have crazy pain behind my eyes, but I’ve seen other people with corona struggle with it too. I am in so much pain.

The 38-year-old has only taken one dose of the vaccine – a Moderna type.

– I haven’t had time to take more than one. But I’m so glad I had one then, I think in awe and awe of what it would have been if I hadn’t done it, Tina Tien told Dagbladet.

sweet music: Tonje and Simon found the tune in “The Farm”, and kept a good mood. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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She lives at home with her son, who is checked every day – but he is not currently infected with the virus. The two participants with whom Tian was with last Wednesday also tested negative.

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