TMZ: Lisa Marie Presley, 54, suffered a heart attack

TMZ: Lisa Marie Presley, 54, suffered a heart attack

And the artist suffered another heart attack after she was hospitalized in a coma.


And the artist passed away on Friday Lisa Marie Presley (54).

The news of her death came just hours after she was taken to hospital after what was said to be a heart attack.

to me TMZ Presley ended up in a coma in the hospital.

At the hospital, Presley was reportedly declared brain dead, and then the family signed a pact not to revive Presley if she had another cardiac arrest, TMZ wrote.

Heart arrest: Lisa Marie Presley was announced dead at the hospital just hours after she was taken to the hospital.

Further, the site writes that Presley subsequently died as a result of another heart attack.

She was the daughter of Elvis Presley, and was even at the Golden Globe Awards a few days before her death, To follow up on the movie about his father.

She herself left behind three children: Riley Keough (33 years old) and twins Finley and Harper Lockwood (14 years old). Her son Benjamin Keough passed away at the age of only 27 in 2020.

Lisa Marie Presley will be buried next to her son, Benjamin, according to her variety.

They are said to have received confirmation from a press contact assisting Riley Keough.


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