Top LO Reacts to Nikolai Tangen's 'Dinner Date' with Elon Musk – E24

Top LO Reacts to Nikolai Tangen's 'Dinner Date' with Elon Musk – E24

– We ask him to stop waving at union violators, says the union leader.

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Nikolai Tangen, CEO of Oljefondet, invited Elon Musk to “the most wonderful dinner in Europe.”

Frode Alfheim reacts to this. He is the head of a large union with 80,000 members.

– Demonstrates a basic understanding of the community for which he or she is assigned to manage funds. We ask him to stop waving at union busters,” Alfheim tells E24.

Oljefondet is among Tesla's largest shareholders.

The Tesla boss has done so repeatedly He criticized the union organization. The electric car company does not have collective agreements with its employees.

The highest LO indicates that of the union organization It is a human right.

If he had said he would have dinner with Musk to have a serious talk about human rights, my respect would have been great. “But I don't accept the way this is presented,” Alfheim says.

Freud Alfheim

Tangen himself and Ferrari team boss Benedetto Vigna will be behind the pots. They will serve reindeer. They will be organizing the dinner in connection with next year's edition of the Fund's investment conference.

He suggests calling LO-Peggy

Alfheim leads the new consortium IE&FLT, a merger between Industri Energi and the Management and Technology Association.

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Alfheim emphasizes that cooperation between employers, employees and authorities in Norway has created the basis for our prosperity.

– If Tangen forgets, he should invite LO leader Peggy Følsvik to dinner with Musk instead of bringing the Ferrari boss with him.

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna is fond of cooking.

In Sweden, there are mechanics in Tesla workshops On strike since last October. They require collective agreement. musk He described the strike as “insanity.”.

One of Denmark's largest pension funds, PensionDanmark, dumped Tesla shares last year.

Instead of inviting Musk on a night out, the oil fund manager should settle with companies that violate our core values ​​as a society. This is what Norwegian workers should expect from the companies that manage our shared funds, says union leader.

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– The worst union busters in the world

Alfheim points out that the oil fund is so large that what is invested in it or not invested in it affects how the world develops. box Exclude Investments in companies that “contribute to or are responsible for particularly serious violations of ethical standards.”

– Therefore, Norwegian workers cannot accept that the oil fund will invest our tax money in the world's worst union busters, Alfheim says.

The oil fund has been criticized. The answer comes from Communications Director Line Altvedt.

-We think it is normal to invite speakers to dinner once they make the trip to Norway to participate in the conference. We also did this the two previous times we organized the conference, Altvedt wrote in an email to E24.

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The oil fund held a meeting with the Tesla CEO in March at the latest. Altvedt says that during the meeting, the Fund assumed the right to organize and report its expectations. It is not known what came out of the meeting.

An independent ethics board is responsible for evaluating whether the fund's investments are in line with ethical guidelines, and making recommendations on monitoring and divesting companies to Norges Bank, Altvedt wrote.

The ethics board will not comment on individual companies, says board president Sven-Richard Brandtzig.

– Violation of freedom of association was included in the assessment of many companies as one of several violations of employee rights, but so far it has not been the only basis for excluding a company, says Brandtzæg in a statement sent to E24.

Sven Richard Brandtzig

Tesla did not respond to E24's inquiry about this matter.

Tangen recently asked Musk about unions, when the Tesla chief was a guest on the oil fund's “In Good Company” podcast. He later rose I confess He didn't get a good answer.

Tesla's Norway director, Axel Tangen, said before Christmas that the company's employees are in Norway They are free to choose whether they want to organize or not. He stressed that this would not have any consequences on their working conditions.

There is no Tesla ban in the association

– Many Norwegians own Tesla cars, As Musk recently pointed out. Is there a ban on Tesla in the EU now?

– no. We guarantee that there will be many of our employees who drive Tesla cars. I'm not going to start dictating what makes people drive. But I have to speak up when big employers say no to collective agreements. It would have been a better car if Tesla employees had been allowed to do this, Alfheim says.

-What car do you own?

– Opel Astra. It is 100 percent manufactured in Germany. Support for trade unions is high there.

He explains that Alfheim is an Opel man from the old days, as that was the brand of car his friends drove in his village.

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