Top Ten List: This is essential for the holiday to be a good one

Top Ten List: This is essential for the holiday to be a good one

What is important for your vacation to be good? Check if you are like most Norwegians on this common holiday.

1,000 Norwegians were asked what they needed to have a good holiday. This is how they answer:

  1. Good food – 72 percent
  2. Clean hotel/stay – 67 percent
  3. Spending time with family/friends – 63 percent
  4. Sun and heat – 57%
  5. enough sleep – 40 percent
  6. Warm showers – 34 percent
  7. Active vacation – 30 percent
  8. It is not very hot – 21 percent
  9. Cheap drinks – 16 percent
  10. Time away from family/friends – 5 percent
    (Source: Friends poll, conducted by Norstat)

Good food in a clean place with people we love seems to be a recipe for a good summer for most Norwegians. I can relate to this, says Marius Solberg-Anvensen, Acting Communications Director at Frende Forsikring.

Sun and heat outside the platform
The sun and heat, as well as swimming, are fourth and sixth. Only bathing in deliciously warm water was mentioned as important by 1 in 3.

– I thought it was more important. Perhaps the most important now in the summer. We complain about the cold a lot all winter, so sun and heat can be the biggest common denominator for us up north, says Anfinsen.

It should be clean and neat
Last year, Frende asked Norwegians what annoys them most about vacation. Then the dirty hotel rooms appeared on top.

– This is also clearly reflected in this year’s top list. When we go to rest, we don’t want to come home to a dirty room, he says.

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Young people have most of the criteria for a good vacation
In the survey, the respondents were asked to mention several things that are important to them in order to have a good vacation. The oldest had the fewest criteria, while the 18- to 29-year-old group managed the most.

– Most people between the ages of 18 and 29 believe that good food is most important. Cheap drinks are also more important to the youngest than all other age groups. 1 in 3 young people think that cheap drinks are essential for them to have a good holiday, says Anfinsen at Frende.

Sleep is most important for thirty-somethings, closely followed by the younger ones. Almost half of these age groups find it important to call it a good holiday.

It is also the majority of young people who believe an active holiday is essential and who state that clean housing should be in place.

Finally, we also see that a lot of young people need a break from the ordinary during the summer holidays. Marius Solberg-Anvensen says it’s just as important for 18-29-year-olds to take time away from family or friends to have a good holiday, as it is for all other age groups.

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