Corona virus, infection rate | 17,928 new cases of corona were recorded in the past 24 hours

Corona virus, infection rate |  17,928 new cases of corona were recorded in the past 24 hours

Figures from the Infectious Diseases Notification System (MSIS) show that 7,158 fewer were recorded than on the same day last week.

Less in the intensive care unit

377 coronavirus patients were hospitalized, Wednesday. There were five fewer than the day before. 35 of the patients are in the intensive care unit, and 23 of them are receiving respiratory therapy. There are six fewer people in intensive care and the same number on respirators than the day before, according to a review by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

In the past seven days, an average of 17,743 corona infections were recorded per day. The corresponding mean seven days ago was 19260, so the trend is declining.

A total of 1,086,614 people have so far tested positive for coronavirus in Norway, according to the National Institute of Public Health. Preliminary figures showed that a total of 1,548 people with corona have died in Norway since March 2020.

Changes in the test system

On January 24, 2022, the FHI made major changes to the testing system, so that fewer corona infections are recorded in MSIS. As a result, the numbers after January 25 are not comparable to the previous ones.

The reorganization meant that more people no longer needed to have the PCR test after the test result came back positive for the self-test, and thus the infection was not recorded in the FHI either. However, people are encouraged to register positive tests in their municipality.

The FHI now uses largely other methods of pandemic monitoring than infection rates. The main thing is to follow up on hospitalizations.

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