Review: Tommy T: “It’s not over now, it’s just beginning to have fun”

Review: Tommy T: "It's not over now, it's just beginning to have fun"

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Veteran rap fighter who received an honorary award during Spellemann 2015 refutes the belief that rap is only for children, when the album “Profit” is now released. With this album, Tommy Tee manages to retain his signature sound, while exploring the new wave in hip-hop. His style still evokes the same vibes as hardcore old-fashioned rap. Honest and honest words, graffiti backgrounds, trembling drumbeats, and a story worth telling.

What I expected from a Tommy Tee album was old school scratch, heavy, hard 80s ’80s and hard rap. What he does offer, however, is the huge difference in his musical expression. With the sausage “Kustus”, the dancing “Toppform” and the “great energy” of jazz, he showed that he is not only familiar with today’s music, but is actually able to integrate and adapt this sound to his own. Obviously, he was aiming to deliver an album that couldn’t be categorized into one box.

outside the target group

The album features collaborations with veterans such as Lars Vaular, Timbuktu and Joddski and newer voices such as Siyabång, Unge Obi and Jonas Benyoub, who have stolen poetry on Karpe’s song “Baraf/Fairuz”. The album thus exceeds the target group of hardcore rappers.

By collaborating with, and playing to the strengths of, both established artists and newcomers to the genre, he shows how easily his skills can be adapted to today’s music world. Showing himself from the side of his best producer, the music is not repetitive, but not chaotic either. The songs are so diverse that they can easily be played in the boys’ room, in the garden, on Norwegian cruises, not least on the dance floor. So, it’s almost a bit annoying that he doesn’t sing in all the songs himself, because I want to hear more of his lyrics to these tunes.

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Tommy T has clearly played a central role in Norway’s musical life, but will he still manage to maintain the title as a legend? Undoubtedly.

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