Torjus Family: – Very grateful

Torjus Family: – Very grateful

The family of Torjus Seland (7) would like to thank everyone involved in the search for him. Dorjes was found dead Tuesday afternoon.

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– The family is very grateful for the efforts of both professionals and volunteers in the search for Dorjes, says Fredrik Nuland Fedok, a spokesman for the family.

– This applies to everyone, from those who attended, to those who lined up at home so others could go out and search, to those who brought stoves, headlamps, etc. “It’s a much bigger search operation than we’ve experienced here before,” he says.

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Preliminary autopsy report: Torges, 7, died of hypothermia

Seven-year-old Dorjes Seland died of hypothermia, according to a preliminary autopsy report.

Torjus went missing during a hunting trip northwest of Vigeland at the weekend and prompted one of the biggest search operations in the municipality of Lindesnes.

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Fredrik Nuland Fedog says that Torjus’ father is organized under the Civil Defense and has participated in many such search operations in the past. Torges’ three sisters, ages 9, 16 and 18, contributed in their own way to the search for their brother.

He tells of a family consisting of father Inge, mother Khan Anita and three sisters who are the most affected today. Dorjes turned seven in September.

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Holds open chapel in memory of Torges (7)

On Wednesday evening, Lyndall residents gathered to remember Dorjes Seland, 7, who was found dead after a massive search operation.

– There is a prominent family of five who are in deep mourning and are having a bit of a rough day today. At the same time, they feel relieved that Torges has been found. Nuland Fedok says they are also proud of the effort Dorjes put in from her disappearance until she was found.

– He had gone twice as far as he could have done if he had taken the right path, but he found the only proper place on the heath to seek shelter. He says there are no better places than the stone cave where he was discovered.

Found under a stone slab

According to police, Torges was found under a large stone lying on a large stone slab. A preliminary autopsy report showed that the seven-year-old died most likely of hypothermia. The area where he was discovered has a very difficult and demanding terrain.

Several helicopters and drones with heat-seeking cameras searched from the air. More than 60 rescue dogs and police dogs from multiple police districts were on the ground.

Police directed resources from the Home Guard, Civil Defense, Red Cross Aid, Norwegian People’s Aid, Scouts’ Emergency Group and Norwegian Rescue Dogs.

Appreciate those involved

Some volunteers have criticized campaign management.

But the family will not participate in it.

– There have been reports of some feeling neglected, but that’s just the way it is. This is the case at all levels. The family certainly does not share this criticism.

– They have received very good follow-ups since Sunday from contact persons in various professional groups and have a good overview of how the search operation has progressed, says the family’s spokesman, Fredrik Nuland Fedok.

Torjus Seland will be buried from Lyndall Church on Thursday 26 October.

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