Norway's biggest daycare chain could get billions

Norway's biggest daycare chain could get billions

This is evident from the Directorate's three preliminary inspection reports, where the conclusion is that Læringsverkstedet writes that the Kindergarten has broken the law. Educational news And Trade magazine.

Læringsverkstedet is Norway's largest kindergarten operator and has around 260 kindergartens in Norway and operations in 10 different countries. As of 2022, the company is owned by married couple Hans Jacob and Randy Sundby. Went to Switzerland.

In 2020, the owners chose to sell 140 kindergarten buildings to the Swedish company SBB for NOK 4.2 billion.

Before carrying out the sale, Læringsverkstedet transferred the assets to Barnehagebo AS, a separate company. After some time, the company was sold to SBB.

Founders: Randy and Hans Jacob Sundby moved to Switzerland in 2022 to open kindergartens in more countries.
Photo: Anders Wicklund/DD

The Directorate is demanding repayment of NOK 37 million from three kindergartens in Stavanger, Kristiansund and Kristiansand. Investigation reports are preliminary, meaning the case has not been fully processed.

The Education Directorate believes the assets were undervalued when they were transferred to Barnehakebo AS, and the kindergartens were left without equity.

If the directorate's decision stands, Læringsverkstedet will risk billions of dollars. If the inspection is completed in the same manner for all 140 kindergarten properties, please write Educational news.

Trude Sydtangen, executive director of the Learning Workshop, says she strongly disagrees with the directorate's preliminary decision and will provide feedback on the reports to shed more light on the matter.

– An external valuation is obtained and the exchange rate on the divestiture is based on fair value. Assets in kindergartens are not underpriced, and equity in kindergartens is protected, Sydtangen writes for Uddanningsnytt.

Hans Jacob and Randy Sundby sold the kindergarten chain.
Photo: Anders Wicklund/DD

According to the Kindergarten in Kristiansand Educational news Learning workshop Helamir Solkollan.

Here the request should be NOK 5.9 million.

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