Update now!

Update now!

Apple has just released the latest update for iPhone and iPad in the form of iOS and iPadOS 17.3.

The update includes the usual bug fixes and security fixes, in addition to bringing some new features.

You can download the latest update manually by going to Settings > General > Update. Alternatively, you can wait, and then the device will update itself overnight if it is connected to power.

New development: – Great

Important security news

Perhaps the biggest news in iOS 17.3 is a new security feature called Stolen Device Protection, which gives you an extra layer of protection if your iPhone is stolen. We already mentioned it in December.

The thieves must be stopped

The thieves must be stopped

Although many people have become good at securing their mobile phones, thieves have found a way to gain access to Apple mobile phones by looking over the victim's shoulder when they enter their code, and in this way they can access passwords, banking details and other personal information. .

However, when Stolen Device Protection is enabled, your fingerprint or Face ID will be required to perform certain actions, view passwords saved in iCloud Keychain, use payment information saved in Safari, factory reset devices, or turn off Lost Mode. .

according to the edge The feature also offers a waiting period when you need to perform more sensitive actions, such as changing your Apple ID password or locking the passcode on your iPhone.

This means you have to wait one hour, and then verify yourself with biometrics again, which should ensure that it is you performing the procedure. According to Apple, this will only be required when you're not in familiar places, such as home or work.

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Then they will come

Then they will come

– It must be a priority

However, stolen device protection is turned off by default. like Wired Printer: This should be at the top of the list of functions you turn on/activate.

You can do this by going to Settings > Face ID & Passcode (or Touch ID and Code). Scroll down to Protect stolen deviceas the function is called in Norwegian, and run it.

Update now!

As we wrote in December, this won't prevent a thief from unlocking your iPhone, and they'll still be able to access apps that aren't password protected. They can also open your email and get your password from there.

Therefore, it is always important that you use both unique passwords and two-factor authentication, in order to secure yourself as much as possible.

Breeds: - Very unfriendly with customers

Breeds: – Very unfriendly with customers

Fixes the zero-day vulnerability

Other than that, the usual security updates are also present in iOS 17.3.

9to5Mac He writes that a total of 15 holes are sealed. according to Sleeping computer Among other things, Apple is working on fixing the first so-called zero-day vulnerability of the year.

A zero-day vulnerability is a term that refers to a vulnerability against computer attacks that attackers may have discovered before others did – and is therefore considered particularly dangerous. Last year, Apple fixed 20 such vulnerabilities.

The critical flaw was found in WebKit, the engine behind Apple's Safari browser.

Furthermore, Apple released iOS 16.7.5 and iOS 15.8.1 with security fixes for devices that are no longer receiving major system updates.

Restart: After Apple eliminated the home button on the iPhone, performing a forced restart of the phone has become more complicated. In this video we show you how to do this. Video: Embla Hjort Larsen.
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Other news

In addition, iOS 17.3 also introduces a function in Apple Music that allows you to create playlists in collaboration with others.

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Additionally, AirPlay for hotels has finally launched, which should enable users to stream music and video from iPhone directly to TVs in the hotel room.

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