– Totally surreal – VG

- Totally surreal - VG
Smiling: A smiling Conor McGregor had docked right outside the Stavanger boys’ apartment.

Ulric Turning, 19, and Torbjorn Osmundsen Wesch, 19, had an experience on Tuesday: World-renowned mixed martial arts athlete Conor McGregor, 34, suddenly appeared on the water outside their Mallorca apartment.


Tørneng told VG on the phone that it was a “crazy boat” on the lake outside the apartment that first sparked curiosity. When they went out to search, they saw superstar Conor McGregor standing on the deck of the boat.

– It was quite surreal to see him, 50-100 meters outside where we live, quite by accident, say the boys.

They say they took their surfboards and paddled to the boat to take a picture with McGregor.

– I could not say anything, because I was in complete shock, so my friend had to talk to him. McGregor was very kind and had a lot of energy, but since he was with his family we tried to be a little “relaxed,” says Turing.

Got a surfboard: My childhood friend happened to rent a surfboard they put to good use when they saw McGregor.

How did you react when you realized who he was?

– I have sent many messages to friends who are very interested in MMA, and I was also quite amazed. Oh my God, he’s really sick!

Two childhood friends asked MacGregor if they could get a picture, which he gladly agreed to.

– We said he had a very fat boat, and then he replied that he really appreciated our saying that.

Star Photographer: In addition to two photos with McGregor in the background, they also had the MMA star snap two photos of them.

– It was a little funny too, he joked that we should not run into the boat, because it would be a very expensive bill, they say with laughter.

The boat is a Lamborghini 63 speedboat for $3.6 million, which is about 35.6 million NOK.

After meeting McGregor, they suddenly notice that there are many men in dark clothes in dark cars around their apartment.

– There were quite a few guards around the apartment in the cars and on their way to the shore where the boat was, but we understood that the reason was McGregor’s presence, say the boys.

Dream vacation: Ulrik Tørneng and Torbjørn Osmundsen Wesche are enjoying their days in Mallorca. On the trip, they also got a holiday memory out of the ordinary.

For now, Tørneng and Wesche are doing their initial homework at the Madla and Rena camp. When they are in Perm playing football for Viking 3.

They are now on vacation in Mallorca with two girlfriends. They will be home on Wednesday morning.

– It was the last evening now, and that was the only night we rented surfboards. Wesche says he’s no longer here, but only stayed here for a few hours.

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The two 19-year-olds agree that they have been very lucky.

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