Tourist Death in the Bahamas – The Mysterious Triple Death:

Tourist Death in the Bahamas - The Mysterious Triple Death:

Friday May 6th was Three Americans have been found dead in separate beach villas of the Sandals Resort Hotel in the Bahamas. Another woman was taken to a hospital in Miami for treatment.

Michael Phillips (68) and his wife Robbie Phillips (65) are from Tennessee. The death of the two was announced at the resort on Friday. Michael was found in the bathroom while Ruby was in bed.

according to ABC News 7 Both showed signs of epileptic seizures, but did not show signs of external injuries. A doctor announced their death immediately.

Vincent Paul Chiarella, 64, of Florida was found lifeless on the floor of his villa, next to his wife, Denis Chiarella, 65 – who was taken to hospital for treatment.

The three deaths for only three weeks have seemed a mystery — until now.

On Monday, it became known that all three died of carbon monoxide poisoning, also known as carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a report by several media outlets from the Bahamas, including Nassau Guardian And Tribune 242.

According to the Nassau Guardian, the results of the autopsy and toxicology report are expected to be presented soon.

Freelance forensic pathologists wanted

Since a week Their relatives requested that a new autopsy be performed by independent forensic pathologists.

The Bahamas Minister of Health and Welfare, Michael Darville, told the news site at the time eyewitness news That the authorities want to get to the causes of death as quickly as possible, and that they will facilitate the request of relatives.

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The toxicology report is still pending. Darville said last week that it was the deceased’s family members who asked to bring in a pathologist from abroad to perform a new autopsy.

Island Police Commissioner Paul Roll said Sunday, May 15, that forensic scientists from the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) have traveled to the United States to transport samples to a laboratory in Philadelphia to speed up results.

– I couldn’t move

Austin Chiarella, son of Paul and Denis Chiarella, said News letters That the mother woke up at night and saw the husband lying on the ground.

– My father was lying on the floor and she could not move. The son said her legs and arms were swollen and she couldn’t move, so she screamed to get someone to help her.

The four consulted a doctor the day before they died, where they were treated for vomiting and nausea.

They were at the doctor the night before, around 23:00. Then they were found dead the next morning, Commissioner Roll said, and confirmed that the couples ate at different restaurants.

according to CNN It was hotel staff who alerted police just after 9 a.m. Friday, May 6, after Vincent Paul Chiarella’s discovery. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that two more lifeless people had been discovered in another villa.

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