Toyota will double the range of the electric vehicle

Toyota will double the range of the electric vehicle

By comparison, the Tesla Model Y, the world’s best-selling electric car, can drive 530 kilometers – about half the distance.

Technological breakthrough

To achieve this goal, Toyota will develop new types of batteries by the end of this decade at the latest.

Toyota’s first goal is to produce improved lithium-ion batteries in 2026. They will give electric vehicles of the future a range of nearly a hundred miles and allow charging in less than twenty minutes.

If those numbers sound impressive, they don’t compare to what Toyota says solid-state batteries can offer next.

With a charging time of just ten minutes, Toyota’s solid-state batteries will give electric vehicles nearly 120 miles of range in 2027 and 150 miles in 2028 thanks to the company’s latest breakthrough.

“We have made a technological breakthrough with solid-state batteries. We expect to introduce it in both hybrid and electric cars, and we are developing a method for mass production from 2027 to 2828. The possibilities are very great for for this technology.

Auto manufacturers and experts have long predicted that challenges with battery life and charging time will be solved with solid-state batteries.

A solid state battery is much better at tolerating cold than a lithium battery. This is one of the reasons why electric vehicles have less range in the winter.

However, the batteries experienced stability problems after internal chemical changes damaged the electrodes.

This is the problem Toyota now believes it has solved.

3.5 million electric Toyotas

Among the first models that Toyota will produce from 2026 are a compact sedan, a family sedan, two different SUVs and a multifunctional vehicle or family vehicle, according to Takeru Kato, president of the BEV plant.

According to Anders Testrup, it is still not clear which models will be available from 2026. The same uncertainty applies to the prices of cars with new technology.

“It is too early to say anything definite about the prices of cars with technology that fall so far into the future. But one of the purposes of the new technology is precisely to reduce costs. It is important that all customer groups adopt electric cars,” says Testrup.

Toyota believes that about 1.7 million electric vehicles the company sells in 2030 will use one of the new batteries.

The Japanese automaker hopes to sell 3.5 million fully electric vehicles by 2030.

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