Trade, Christmas | Complete bags for under £100 at Extra, Kiwi and Rema

Trade, Christmas |  Complete bags for under £100 at Extra, Kiwi and Rema

(The newspaper online): Last year, Nettavisen checked how many Christmas items could be bought for a hundred packages. In both the Extra, Kiwi and Rima 1000, we filled the bags well.

On Friday, December 8, Nettavisen once again scoured the stores looking to fill his shopping bag with as much merchandise as possible. Fassett showed that many goods are clearly cheaper than they were during last year’s price war.

See photos of items from each store below

– A varied diet

– It’s fun to see what you get for $100, with a wide variety of food, says blogger Ron “Gerijknarkin” Nikolaisen.

He thinks the price war so far has been a bit tame. But with these shopping bags, he thinks it’s starting to help.

Some people become anxious for fear of buying at the wrong time. He says they think they may have to wait a little longer, and that prices may be lower.

– But now it’s starting to look like something. I think I’ll try some things, like rice porridge.

Geisha porridge is a classic dish in the run-up to Christmas, and the price here is actually 26 per cent lower than at the start of December last year. It now costs NOK 12 across all discount series.

The items identified are mostly similar or comparable. But there are some differences. At Kiwi, the sugar-free Christmas soda, which costs $4.90, is on sale across all chains. That’s why we chose the one that contains 6.70 sugar.

The wrapping paper is also a little different. At Rima, a Christmas paper costs $5.40, while at Kiwi it costs $4.90. But Kiwi is actually two meters taller than Rima. In other words, you’ll get a lot of Christmas paper for your money at Kiwi.

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And so we chose the elements

Nettavisen closely monitors competition in the grocery market and price developments. We tried to fill the bag with goods as much as possible, based on our knowledge of the good offers in the shops. Some items were sold out in some places, so we chose other discounted items instead. It is important to note that similar goods can in some cases be much more expensive. We discovered, for example, that Christmas paper can cost many times more if you don’t choose the “right” paper.

Last year we included the same plastic bag when we wanted the receipt to end up with a maximum of NOK 100. Since then, the price of plastic bags has risen from three kroner to 4.25 kroner. And in the past year, we customers have become much better at using reusable nets or old bags again. Therefore, we did not include the bag this time.

Clementines are expensive

– But Clementine thinks I should go further down. Admittedly, it has recently been reduced from around 40 to 19.90. “But I don’t buy five kilograms of clementines now,” Nicolaisen says.

On December 2 of last year, the price of a kilo reached 9.90, compared to 19.90, which was the price on Friday, December 8.

It is also clear that the prices of Christmas sausages at 16.40 and sauerkraut at seven or eight kroner are higher than last year’s prices. But it remains to be seen whether prices will fall further.

Christmas wine at NOK 10 seems cheap. But in percentage terms it was much cheaper last year.

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– This is psychology. People have come to expect prices to rise. This means that the item may seem like a bargain even though it is actually slightly more expensive than last year. It’s not as if people are checking last year’s prices, Nicolaisen says.

– Stores must make a profit

He also believes that people should be careful when it comes to hoarding.

– Yesterday I saw someone who bought 20 kilos of powdered sugar. What do we do with her? “You have to decorate a lot of gingerbread,” Nicolaysen says.

It is also reported that shops adjust prices up and down.

Stores have to make money regardless, and perhaps raise prices on items that fall under the comparative radar a little, Nicolaisen says.

We bought this for under $100:

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