Traffic Accident E39 – NRK Sørlandet – Local News, TV & Radio

Traffic Accident E39 – NRK Sørlandet – Local News, TV & Radio

– Five people were involved in a serious traffic accident. Three people have been taken to hospital for further treatment, police director of operations for the Agder district, Knut Odde, tells NRK.

Police confirmed to NRK that it was a Russian car that ran off the road along the E39 motorway in Flekefjord on Monday morning.

A total of five people were involved in a serious traffic accident on the E39 road in Flekefjord on Monday morning.

The three who were seriously injured were taken by helicopter to different hospitals. One was flown to Bergen, one to Kristiansand and one to Stavanger, police told NRK.

Two people were reported to have suffered minor injuries and were taken to the local emergency room and Sørlandet Hospital in Kristiansand.

Flekkefjord traffic barrier
Photo: Lars E/NRK

– tragic

Headteacher Tor-Inge Rake says the five involved in the incident all attended Flekkefjord High School.

Encourages pupils and others to come to the school as the municipality has set up a crisis team.

– It’s good that they come so we can be together. The police are here for us and keep us updated on an hourly basis, so there isn’t much room for rumours.

He says there are many people with questions and concerns and that they have good answers.

– There is something called flashback. We went back to what happened in Moi when two of our students died in a tragic accident.

In March, two boys died after a traffic accident in Mui. They were also pupils at Flekkefjord VGS.

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– We hope that this is not an accident with the same consequences as the one in Moi. Some pray to higher powers. We hope and hope it goes well, says Rake.

I do not know what happened

– We are working on site now with a technical and tactical investigation, says Agder Police Chief Joakim Jaabæk.

Police forensic technicians are now working with the accident team from the Norwegian Road Administration to secure evidence of the cause of the accident.

– A Russian car ran off the road and partially ended up in the water.

Police stated that as of now, there have been no witnesses to the incident.

Flakefjord and the neighboring municipality of Kvensdal have been notified by the police, who have set up crisis teams.

Joachim Jabek, a mission commander in the Agder police district

Joachim Jabek, a mission commander in the Agder police district.

Photo: Lars E/NRK

Keep the school open

– I always get into serious accidents when young people get into serious accidents. So, now I hope it goes well, says Kvinsdal Mayor Per Sverre Kfinlog (KrF)

The municipalities of Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal have joined together and are working together on a crisis team after the incident on Monday morning.

Psychosocial crisis teams have been called in both municipalities to help. Flekkefjord has a school open from 10am today for those who want to come, says Flekkefjord Mayor, Torbjørn Klungland (FrP).

The road is closed

E39 has been closed since police arrived on the scene on Monday morning.

– We cannot say for sure when the road will reopen. We will work on site until the truck arrives and the investigations are completed, says mission leader Joachim Jabek.

Police confirmed that the car has now been removed and the road is open again.

The accident occurred on the E39 motorway between Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal.

– Operations manager Knut Ude says the turn should be well marked.

Transfers for passenger cars will be via Fylkesvei 465 from Hangeland to Kvinlog, FV42 to Standvatn and FV466 to Flikka, writes Vegtrafikksentralen south.

Larger vehicles drive past Kvinlog over the FV42 between Sandvatn and Helleland.

The E39 is closed after a traffic accident occurred between Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal on the E39.

The accident was discovered when random pedestrians involved in the accident hit the road, says the Director of Operations of the Agder Police District, John Ribstad.

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