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Trafikkulukke Hemsedal

The car was driven by Evind Quayne. The number he squeezed between the trailers. He came ashore and said he parked the car at a good distance from the stationery trailer opposite.

Then the second trailer came and sent us into the stationery trailer, says Quen.

Passengers: Evind Quanney was sitting in the car involved in the accident.

Photo: Private

Fortunately, the day was not squeezed. Large vehicle colliding with a car coming from behind Entered the second lane after the victory.

So we’m lucky, says Queen.

Quinn says the car was completely damaged. Fortunately he and the driver survived.

The city has a very slippery road, the fire department said.

Evind Quayne was photographed getting out of the car after the crash.

The trend for chaos in the city

At 14.10, naudetatane received a report of a traffic accident near Breistølen in Lærdal, on the road over Hemsedelsfjellet.

The fire department said the road was closed indefinitely. They talk about the trend of chaos in the city, and many cars are driven into the abyss.

– Firefighters leave Lærdal. In addition, police and ambulances arrived in the city, according to Tore Fanbust of 110 West.

Traffic congestion in Hemsedalsfjellet

Car rolling: Trucks need help after an accident.

Photo: Anders Tidemand Frydenlund

Anders Tidemand Frydenlund of Viking Lærdal says they sent rescue vehicles to the mountain.

– There is bad weather in the area, he says.

Bad weather is expected on many mountain trails in southern Norway on Thursday afternoon. Here is the stand on the hill at 5 pm:

  • E16 Filefjell: Open
  • Rv52 Hemsedalsfjellet: Closed by pulling car
  • Rv13 Vikafjellet: Column
  • Rv7 Hardangervidda: Open
  • Fv50 Hol – Aurland: Column
  • Fv53 Tyin – rdal: Open
  • E134 Haukeli: Column
  • Rv15 Strynefjell: Open
  • Breistølen on Hemsedalsfjellet.

    Poor visibility: slippery roads and poor driving conditions, according to the fire service at Priestolen in Hemsedelsfjellet.

    Photo: Norway Public Roads Administration / Webcam

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