Trains ran through heavy snow – passengers screamed and cried

Trains ran through heavy snow – passengers screamed and cried

Passengers were stranded for several hours as Merakarbanen ran into ice.

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Between 15 and 20 passengers were trapped when a train ran into a large amount of snow at Meråkerbanen on Saturday evening.

He writes that the train between Trondheim and Storlien is stuck east of Kopera. Newspaper address.

Both passengers and staff were getting out.

– What you drove was a block of ice.

Later in the evening he says that at 10.30 pm the train was hauled away by a working engine on the spot and the train headed for Trondheim.

Among the passengers on the train was Olav Johannes Sjövoldt – and he pulled himself up and got out:

– We tried to stuff a bit, but I was not particularly effective, he told VG.

– This is very unusual. The train tried to run and stopped for a while. It pulled back and tried to gain more speed, then it said stop, Sjovold said.

Bane NOR first received notification of the incident at 18.40 hrs. Just before 9.30pm, a machine arrived to help plow the snow.

Despite being stuck in the weather for more than three hours, Sjövold kept his spirits up:

– It’s nobody’s fault, so there’s no point in getting angry. The crew was very helpful and provided what food and drink they had, Sjøvold said.

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Svinsås said Bane NOR had an orange alert and they patrolled the extended area. However, snow accumulates on the track due to heavy weather.

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– but it looks like there’s a lot of snow, so is it that important to save them?

– Swinchas replied that we might be of the same opinion there.

– I understand that this is not the place where they want to spend their Saturday evening, says Swinchas.

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