Travel tip: Berit Kjøll is operated by New York

Travel tip: Berit Kjøll is operated by New York

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Travel Tips: After several years in leadership roles at companies such as Huawei, Telenor and Tusenfryd, Berit Kjøll since 2019 has been the president of the Norwegian Sports Federation, the Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

And if there is a need for real relaxation, then a trip to New York and the favorite Waldorf Astoria hotel is most often.

Favorite airline

Here the answer is SAS.

travel clothes

I think it should be something comfortable, just clothing that isn’t too tight.

package strategy

If possible, I only travel with hand luggage, and all clothes of the same color work well in this regard!

New York – New York: Times Square 1 is one of the magnet areas in New York City. Photo: Colorbox

Best hotel

There is a good traditional Waldorf Astoria in New York, which will soon reopen after an extensive renovation.


It totally depends on which country you are traveling to, but I follow normal practice where I am.

Best practical travel advice

Always a thin sweater for sleeping on long trips.

An indispensable tool when traveling

I might answer here a little differently than many others answer this question: Good book!

Favorite shopping

I think New York undoubtedly offers the best shopping opportunities.

The strongest travel memory

I stopped taking sleeping pills after waking up on the shoulder of a wild stranger…

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