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Kraftlinjen inn mot Kjøllefjord på Nordkyn.

Statkraft, Norway’s largest energy producer, on Thursday presented results for the fourth quarter and 2021.

Higher energy prices and an increase in Norwegian water production gave the state-owned company Statkraft good results, for the fourth quarter and throughout 2021.

Figures for the fourth quarter of last year show that the company generated an operating profit of NOK 9.3 billion. This is 7.8 billion more than the same quarter last year.

Ultimately, the state-owned energy company generated a profit for 2021 of 16.1 billion grains. It is four times higher than it was the previous year.

High-powered production: CEO Christian Renning Tonsen can pay big dividends.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

– Statkraft delivered strong results last year, based on higher Nordic energy prices and higher Norwegian hydropower production. However, the exceptional situation of the market creates a demanding situation for consumers and families. This is not the situation we want, CEO Christian Renning Tonsen says in one position press release.

– tragic

Since 2017, Statkraft has distributed 85 percent of the output from hydropower production as profits.

Statkraft’s board of directors wants the company to distribute 10.2 billion in profits for 2021, which in total go to the state. to compare was Dividends in 2020 3.67 billion Norwegian kroner.

It is tragic that Statkraft makes such a profit when consumers have earned such high prices for electricity. The point that we have public ownership of energy production in Norway is to ensure reasonable strength for households, businesses and industry, Sofie Marhaug tells NRK.

Marhaug is a parliamentary representative for Rødt and another deputy chair of the Parliament’s Energy and Environment Committee.

Sophie Merhej

Price cap: Red wants a cap on the price of electricity

Photo: Ihne Pedersen

Want to recover

Once the money arrives, we want to pay off as much of it as possible for families, businesses and those who are now struggling with electricity bills, says Marhoj.

It also believes that some of the profits should go to invest in upgrading existing hydropower, among other things.

Time for oral questions in Parliament

Returned: Tina Bro thinks small businesses also need a little more help after some tough years.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Conservative deputy leader and fiscal policy spokesman Tina Prou ​​agrees that a larger portion of the profits should be returned.

When the state’s additional income is so high, and at the same time that more people are struggling to pay their electricity bills, it goes without saying that a larger share should be returned, Prow wrote in an email to NRK.

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