Trent believes it is absolutely essential for the club to be better than number five this season

Trent believes it is absolutely essential for the club to be better than number five this season

– I think it is necessary for the club to be honest. You know, we respect all the competitions we play in, but if you asked us last year at this time if we wanted to be number five, we’d say no, and the same applies now, says Trent Alexander-Arnold. Sky Sports.

Do we want to be number five next season? no. We want to win the league, we want to challenge and be in the title race and football in the Champions League, so not being in the next season is disappointing.

Liverpool’s worst league position since 2015/16 has meant the Champions League anthem won’t be heard at the revamped Anfield any time soon, while at the same time making players hungry for revenge.

– We know how to win the league, we know how to challenge City, says the defender.

– You have to be almost perfect all season, so here are our thoughts for us.

swing a lot

9-0 and 7-0 were great results last season. Liverpool was also one of four teams to beat champions Manchester City. But the Reds lost to teams like Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, Leeds and Wolverhampton.

– It’s stability.

– Throughout the season we had good results against the big teams, but we lost points and we were fickle on points, especially away from home, so we all naturally thought about these things we have to get right.

Right back or midfield?

Sky Sports catches up with Alexander-Arnold at Under Armour’s Human Performance Center in Portland, where he’s been on an internship. American Brand is one of the sponsors of the right-back, who has gradually gained a taste of life in the midfield.

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– It’s not my decision.

– I only play where I’m told to play so you know all I can say is I enjoy playing football, I enjoy playing right-back, I enjoy playing midfield.

Training pictures: Look, Alexis McCallister and Dominic Zuboszlay dressed for Liverpool

Tuesday’s practice photos were among the most requested and long-awaited.

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Journalists and experts are excited about the #10 Trent

Journalists and experts are excited about the #10 Trent

The Trent Alexander-Arnold game, the kit number and the role of England, attracts attention.

vision June 17 14:15

In particular, he drew attention to how the 24-year-old solved the role in the national team. Gareth Southgate feels pressure to bring in the Liverpool player as a midfield option.

It’s a place where I find joy and I love the challenge they both face so you know I’d love to play there next season.

Build links and get started

Tuesday was the first proper day of the 2023/24 season for Trent, like many Liverpool stars. After a week of training camp in Oregon to prepare his body, he’s now ready to run with the rest of the stable.

– On a general level, I love them, you know I love going on trips with the team, traveling, staying in hotels, being in a kind of base camp together where you bond and get to know each other.

Ready to do the job: Trent Alexander-Arnold and Liverpool have plenty to make up for in 2023/24.

Ready for the job: Trent Alexander-Arnold and Liverpool have plenty to avenge in 2023/24.

You’re getting closer and everyone’s doing a lot of work for next season and that’s exciting because nobody knows how it’s going to end, but you’re doing the work hoping for the best and making sure you get everything in place.

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Opens against Chelsea variable

There is still just over a month until Chelsea await their league premiere on Sunday 13 August. A lot will be new in London, on the coaching and players side.

– They struggled last season. I’m sure they brought in a good coach, they bought some players and got rid of a lot. I’m sure they are just trying to find stability and work from there.

If Liverpool struggled with stability, it was worse at Chelsea. Their drop from third place with 74 points, to 12th place with 44 points, is the largest drop from season to season in Premier League history.

Under the new manager, they will have time to work on that and I hope they find stability for them, but for us and for me, I’m just focused on Liverpool at the moment and make sure we get off to a good start.

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