Trevor Noah is leaving The Daily Show – VG

After seven years in the American comedy show chair, the comedian has announced that he is now giving up.


He was a nearly unknown comedian when he took over from Jon Stewart in 2015, who then hosted the show for a full 15 years.

In a recording from Thursday’s taping, he thanked the audience.

– I remember when we started, many thought I was a crazy choice. I still think it was a crazy choice, this is a random African, he says in the recording.

– What a trip it was. He adds that it is very cool.

Since 1996

Although less well known when he started, Noah has made his mark in the studio-based live satire program.

The Daily Show has been on Comedy Central since 1996.

The show has been nominated for an Emmy multiple times, but has each lost out to HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, since Stewart gave up.

Noah says he’ll find the time, and he’ll keep doing the show for now.

Although there is no date for his departure, we are now working as a team on the next step. “We are looking forward to the next chapter in The Daily Show’s 25-year history,” the network said in a statement. Limit.

potential heir

diverse Indicates many potential heirs. Including the show’s satirical “reporters”, such as Daisy Lydec, Roy Wood Jr., Ronnie Cheng, Michael Costa and Dolce Sloan.

Jordan Kleiber has hosted “The Opposition” for a while, with regular contributions to the show. Among other things where he visits conservative events and asks participants questions about the state of the nation.

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The magazine also refers to Leonard McVeigh, better known as Charlemagne tha God.

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