True to Tradition: Mocked by the British

True to Tradition: Mocked by the British

Again, the Norwegian Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square was the subject of laughter and criticism. Looks like parts of the tree are missing this year.

– Where is the other half of the tree, ask Daily Mail.

A British newspaper has published several pictures of a Norway spruce tree, where it looks a bit strange.

According to tradition, the municipality of Oslo presented a fir tree as a symbol of Norway’s gratitude to Great Britain for its help during World War II. The tradition stretches back to 1947.

Cut the tree: Oslo Mayor Ani Lindbo, Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councilor Patricia McAllister and British Ambassador to Norway John Thomson took part in this year’s Christmas tree cutting in London last Friday. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTP
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But like last year this tree has met with ridicule. Last year, the British believed the tree was worn out and wondered if Britain was at war with Norway.

This year’s Christmas tree, estimated to be around 70 years old, was cut down in Sørkedalen on Friday 24 November.

Nevertheless, it arrived in the English capital in a slightly different form than it appeared when it was cut. Many branches are drooping or bent, brown on one side.

On social media, reactions are not long in coming.

– That tree might look like it was treated like hand luggage on Ryanair, one comments.

However, it may appear that the photos were taken as soon as the tree arrived. In other photos, the tree looks much better than the photos published by the Daily Mail.

The Christmas tree will be lit at a ceremony in London’s Trafalgar Square on December 7.

The last three Christmas trees sent by Norway to London were followed by massacres among the British population.

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