This may push Putin to use nuclear weapons, warns the expert – Dagsavisen

This may push Putin to use nuclear weapons, warns the expert – Dagsavisen

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently sounded the alarm about the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin starting World War III. American Ryan says that the fear of the use of nuclear weapons, which experts have discussed several times throughout the war in Ukraine, should not be underestimated.

Putin would consider using nuclear weapons inside Ukraine if he felt Russian forces were being pushed back on the battlefield, especially if Ukrainian forces could reclaim a region like Crimea, says now-retired brigadier general in an interview with daily Mail. The media also like Express And woman This issue was mentioned.

Putin and the Kremlin see tactical nuclear weapons as a useful tool for escalation, Ryan believes.

There are two main types of nuclear weapons. Long-range strategic weapons with powerful warheads that can wipe out cities on other continents, and tactical nuclear weapons with a shorter range and lower explosive power, according to NTB.

Russian nightmare

Ultimately, the use of nuclear weapons is quite possible on the Russian side. Kevin Ryan points out to the newspaper that the negative consequences of its use could be put aside by the Kremlin and Putin, especially if the alternative is Russia losing the war.

The former general adds that he believes that NATO and the European Union must increase arms support for Ukraine in order to ensure Ukraine’s independence.

Russia and Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will do everything in his power to reclaim the peninsula. However, the Russians will avoid this at all costs. Swedish expert Joachim Pasikevi previously described Crimea as “the jewel in Tsar Putin’s crown.”

– Russia and Vladimir Putin’s nightmare was that Crimea would be attacked. That Sevastopol will be attacked. Right now, Crimea and Sevastopol are being bombed by Ukrainian missiles, or Western missiles used by Ukraine, writer Selo Tarrako told Dagsavisen in October.

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He added that the Ukrainian attacks on Crimea are a problem with Russia’s “pre-emptive war mentality” – that is, you are being hit by the very thing you are trying to prevent.

I think Putin is thinking about the entire West

Former General Ryan, who himself worked as a press attaché in Russia early in his career, claims that the Kremlin and Putin will find it easier to use nuclear weapons because they see themselves as being at war with the entire West, not just Ukraine.

The Russian president has long threatened the West with escalation if it increases its support for the Ukrainians.

-If World War III occurs, there will be no victors. Neither does the United States, he said in June.

Facts about nuclear weapons

  • Atomic weapons, also called nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons, are weapons in which the explosive effect is achieved by releasing nuclear energy. They are divided into fission weapons and fusion weapons.
  • What distinguishes nuclear weapons is the enormous amounts of energy that are released.
  • Nuclear weapons have only been used in conflict once, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

source: The Great Norwegian Encyclopedia

In early November, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary General of Russia’s National Security Council, attacked the United States and what he called the “destructive” security policies of the United States and its allies. He stated that this could lead to war with chemical or biological weapons, but also with nuclear weapons.

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Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary General of Russia's National Security Council, is pictured with President Vladimir Putin (right) during a meeting in the Kremlin.

NATO and China

Patrushev, the former head of Russia’s Federal Security Service, is considered by most people to be one of the most visible hawks in President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

In September, the research center published RAND National Defense Research Institute The analysis they evaluate it as reasonable That Russia would use nuclear weapons if it wanted to radically change the situation. However, Rand pointed to three reasons why Putin is unwilling to escalate further just yet:

  1. Concern about NATO’s response and military capacity
  2. Concern about other reactions outside the West, including from China and leader Xi Jinping
  3. The Russian perception that the country’s goals in Ukraine can be achieved without using nuclear weapons and risking subsequent backlash

– The wolf, the wolf of Putin

At the end of October, Tor Bokvoll, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI), spoke to Dagsavisen about Russian nuclear threats:

– The possibility of this happening (nuclear war) is not very great, but because the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons are very serious, it cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the West must be allowed to influence the decisions that are made. At the same time, one cannot be pressured by threatening to use nuclear weapons. But he said it would be a mistake to omit it from one’s tactical assessments.

This summer, Swedish General Joachim Pasekevi cast doubt on the reality of the nuclear threats posed by Putin and Russia.

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– For every new (weapon) system he (from the West, editor’s note) sent to Ukraine, the “red lines” turned out to be only imaginary. The Russian nuclear threat has become less credible. You can’t completely ignore it, but you shouted “wolf, wolf” many times, Pasikevi told Swedish SVT.

Tor Bokvoll, senior researcher at the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI).

It must be experienced as an existential threat

Russian military doctrine stipulates that nuclear weapons could be used if Russia were subjected to a conventional attack that threatened the country’s very existence, as John Versyth points out in his recent book, Special Operation. Ukraine and Russia 2004-2023.”

“In practical terms, this means that the situation in Ukraine must be viewed, or at least can be presented, as an existential threat to the Russian state,” he wrote in the book.

US President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly affirmed his support for Ukraine, has stated that the nuclear threat posed by Russia is real. But US authorities have stressed several times that they do not need to demonstrate their nuclear weapons capabilities to Russia, according to NTB. Furthermore, Washington stated that there were no immediate signs that Russia had plans to use nuclear weapons.

US President Joe Biden from a meeting on Tuesday addressing the fight against fentanyl.  Photo: Evan Vucci/AP/NTB

Last fall, former CIA chief David Petraeus said that the response by NATO, especially the United States, might be to “eliminate any Russian conventional force that we can see and identify” if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

– But not nuclear weapons against nuclear weapons. One does not want to get into a nuclear escalation here. “But one must show that this cannot be accepted in any way,” Petraeus said.

note! Recently, Danish war expert Jørgen Meidum Stone told Dagsavisen that there will be no peace in Ukraine. You can read about this case here.

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a wreath-laying ceremony marking Defender of the Fatherland Day at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier next to the Kremlin Wall in central Moscow, Russia on February 23, 2017. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin/File photo
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