Impeachment of Donald Trump: – paused live

Impeachment of Donald Trump: – paused live

June 13th will go down in the history books as the day Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, was officially arrested.

It is also the day the trial begins against him. Trump is charged with 37 counts in the so-called documents case. 31 of them related to violations of the US Espionage Act.

With him in court, the former president has a small team of lawyers, who will help him fight his case. Alina Hababa, a lawyer and spokeswoman for Trump, stands in front of the courtroom and spoke to the news channel MSNBCAfter the arrival of Trump.

Trump denies any criminal offense

Make allegations of corruption

However, it seemed like she couldn’t say everything she wanted to say. Heba speaks for about two and a half minutes, before cutting off from the news channel.

— says a lot of things we’ve heard from Trump himself, MSNBC news anchor Chris Jansing says, after interrupting.

In any case, Heba managed to make a number of allegations, including that the indictments against Trump are a “symbol of corruption” in the United States.

We are at a turning point in the history of our nation. The trial of a leading political opponent is what you see in dictatorships, says Habiba, the fiancée.

Large Attendance: Many showed up in courtrooms to show support and disgust for the former president.  Photo: AP/Rebecca Blackwell/NTB

Large Attendance: Many showed up in courtrooms to show support and disgust for the former president. Photo: AP/Rebecca Blackwell/NTB
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Before Habba can continue, she disappears from the screen and is replaced by Jansing. Makes allegations about the attorney’s knowledge of the indictment against Trump.

Heba has no background in criminal law. She’s dealt with property law, family law and a number of other things and worked with Donald Trump, but that’s not her area of ​​expertise, Jansing says, after the break.

Trump is on trial over his handling of classified documents found in his home after he resigned as president. Photo: NTB
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Clinton critic

Heba claims that it is corrupt that Hillary Clinton will not be prosecuted. In 2016, it became known that Clinton used her private email to send classified documents while she was Secretary of State.

For a long time, she was investigated by the FBI, who believed that Clinton was “extremely careless.”

Trump and Habib in 2022 tried to sue Clinton, but the case was thrown out when the judge said it was a “frivolous lawsuit.” Trump and his love received a ruling b He paid close to $1 million in legal costs.

Dangerous for Trump

Dangerous for Trump

An important discussion

Despite Jansing interrupting a bean and lashing out at her expertise, the other MSNBC news anchor says Habba has some good points.

– What you say is an important discussion. The question is whether it’s a selective trial, not in the legal sense, but whether someone becomes targeted because one party doesn’t like the other, says Andrew Wiseman.

However, he believes that this will not be the case in Trump’s impeachment trial.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He has repeatedly referred to the claim as a witch hunt.

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