Tesla Slows New Hires | Finansavisen

Tesla Slows New Hires |  Finansavisen

Tesla has cut back on advertising for new jobs in the weeks since CEO Elon Musk required all new hires to go through it, according to Reuters.

The news agency’s tracking of the electric car maker’s job sites showed the number of job vacancies has fallen 4 percent since May 15, after Musk told executives to send out a weekly list of applications for new positions. At the same time, managers were warned to think twice before submitting applications.

– a sign for everyone

The reduction in new hires comes after heavy tech companies like Meta Platforms, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon laid off tens of thousands of employees so far this year.

The message from Musk is a kind of signal to everyone: let’s be careful and do the right things. Robert Lutz, a director and Tesla shareholder at Cabot Wealth Management, told Reuters he still thinks this will be a tough year.

Back in May, the Tesla boss predicted that the global economy would look “challenging” over the next 12 months.

Cost control

The news agency notes that the decline in advertising shows the electric car maker’s drive to control costs in an ongoing price war, while balancing the need to increase its workforce to meet higher growth targets. The tracking does not provide details on the absolute number of new appointments, but it does provide a snapshot of the trend.

Since May of this year, Tesla has posted nearly 1,400 new job advertisements, while slightly more ads have been removed in the same period. The electric car maker now advertises 7,600 jobs in the United States.

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Tesla acquired 29,000 new full-time employees in 2022, the year the electric car maker received 3.6 million job applications, according to Twitter in April. This brought the global workforce to nearly 128,000, compared to 173,000 at Ford and 167,000 at General Motors.

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