Several hundred died from the heat wave

Several hundred died from the heat wave

For more than ten days, a heat wave swept through Spain, which has now resulted in several hundred deaths. At the same time, forest fires devastated the country. It’s reports Danish Extra Bladet.

The Spanish prime minister now says more than 500 people have died from the heat.

Warning: Spanish Prime Minister urges Spaniards to be careful in the heat. Photo from the Euro Summit in Brussels on May 31. Photo: Nicholas Economou/NoorPhoto/Shutterstock/NTB
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excess deaths

“During the heat wave, more than 500 people died due to the high temperatures,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said.

He adds that this is a statistical estimate. According to Sanchez, there was an increased death rate compared to the same period last year. These are not officially recorded deaths.

The Spanish prime minister urges Spaniards to be very careful, adding that the climate crisis is a reality.

– This has nothing to do with ideologies. Pedro Sanchez says the planet is going through a climate emergency.

More than 1000 . died

The death toll has also risen in Portugal after the heat wave.

The Portuguese Health Directorate reported 238 deaths from July 7 to 13. Health Director Graça Freita now says the death toll has risen to 1,063 from July 13 to July 18. This is due to the heat wave.

On Tuesday, the Director of Health announced that the country must prepare to face the effects of climate change as temperatures continue to rise.

“Portugal is one of the regions in the world that can be most affected by extreme heat,” Graca Fretta said. Reuters.

One of the strongest

The Spanish Meteorological Institute, AEMET, described the country’s heat wave as one of the most intense it has ever recorded.

Spain: Spain is gripped by a violent heat wave that has led to numerous forest fires. Video: AP
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It’s at least the third hottest heat wave when you look at its geographic distribution and length, says AEMET spokeswoman Beatrice Hervilla.

According to Hervella, two previous heat waves lasted longer. In 2015, there was a 26-day period of extreme heat, while the heat wave in 2003 lasted 16 days.

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