Truss: – Putin has been defeated

Truss: - Putin has been defeated

– In his first interview with one of the American media, the new prime minister said that the invasion of Ukraine was a strategic mistake.

– We see that the Ukrainians continue to repel the Russian attack, and I think that Putin did not expect to see the strength and reaction of the free world (Western discourse and naming countries that were not communist during the Cold War, magazine). Note), gear continues CNN.

wire: Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the population on Wednesday, September 21st. The Dagsbladet commentator summarizes the content. Video: Dagbladet TV
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Last week, Truss and President Joe Biden held their first bilateral talks in New York.

In an interview with CNN, she said the relationship between the UK and the US was becoming increasingly important now that the West faced threats from Russia and a more assertive China.

When asked how Western leaders should respond if Putin escalates their military activity in Ukraine, she replied that they should ignore “the clatter of swords and false threats”.

Instead, we should continue to impose sanctions on Russia and support the Ukrainians, Truss says.

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