Try to stop Google with NOK 1,000 billion

Try to stop Google with NOK 1,000 billion

The US Department of Justice has an ongoing antitrust case against Google. They believe that the company is exploiting its position in the market.


Nadella knows the importance of being the standard search engine: “It makes it impossible to compete.”

In this regard, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, was included as a witness, and it was a very interesting hearing. One reason is that Nadella says the company has spent about $100 billion developing its search engine, Bing. “I see search as the biggest software category on the market, without a doubt. “I used to see Windows and Office as attractive companies until I saw search,” he says. One senior executive noted that they were “competing against someone with a 97 percent market share.”

Google, for its part, believes that Microsoft has had 20 years to produce a better product, and that “it is not illegal for Google” to be the best in search. That Microsoft added Edge and its search engine, but users still prefer Chrome and Google, is another argument from Google’s lawyers.

Want to grow bing

Meanwhile, Nadella admitted that Google is better and that he wants to do everything he can to grow the service — at least monetize the product. At the same time, the president said that the company will continue to focus on search even if it lags far behind Google, which everyone else does in terms of market share.

One way Microsoft could have gained greater dominance would undoubtedly have been to reach an agreement with Apple, which is what Nadella wanted. The President stated that he is willing to lose up to $15 billion in revenue annually to achieve such an agreement, and that he is also willing to lose up to $15 billion in revenue annually to achieve such an agreement, and that he is also willing to Eliminate the Bing brand If Apple chooses them and they will do whatever is necessary with respect to Apple’s privacy requirements.

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It was previously known that Apple didn’t want Bing because it thought Google was better – as we wrote this morning:

“The company refused to buy Microsoft Bing a few years ago, and ended up extending the agreement with Google as the default search engine. At the same time, for many years, Gorman revealed, they have been quietly developing their own search engine, and now it will be ‘released’ to a greater extent.” “A lot. No, it’s not (primarily) Apple’s web search, it’s an internal search engine for the company’s products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.”

Meanwhile, Gorman believes Apple has also been working on a search engine to replace Google, but points to the launch of a competitor to Apple’s as a “long shot.”

Itavesen, October 2, 2023

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