TU Santa Christmas Gift Tips – Tu.no.

TU Santa Christmas Gift Tips – Tu.no.

Do you want solid packages? With or without sound, with or without knobs and buttons? Here are 14 ideas for yourself or others.

Watch by APPLE

Artificial red apple is widely used as Christmas decoration. Real apples, and by that we mean from Apple, are widely used as Christmas gifts. This year, there is a lot that can delight relatives and friends – those who deserve expensive gifts, like this one for 4,890 kroner.

last incarnation Apple Watch: S7 It is always a popular gift. This is the seventh in a row. There isn’t a lot of new technology here, but the look is fresh. The thinner bezel provides room for about 20 percent more screen space, which in turn frees up space for the on-screen keyboard. However, there is only one English language so far.

Faster shipping is beneficial. As well as the sound quality, which makes it a usable speaker. When all the Christmas dinner is digested, you can also enjoy all the health and exercise apps.

Huawei watches

If you don’t like iWatch, you can Huawei the new Watch GT3 Be a good substitute. The model with the 46mm box weighs less than 43 grams, but lasts up to two weeks between each charge. It is really impressive.

Otherwise, you will find everything that a modern sports and health watch should contribute in terms of functionality. Over 100 different training modes, a skin temperature sensor, a new sensor to measure oxygen saturation and heart rate and a more accurate GPS should make this a very good buy from ISK 2,653.

To check the radon level

It should be a gift for the house, especially if there is a basement Airthings the new Show more. It is the first screen sensor. Based on digital paper that uses virtually no power. In addition, the color of the LEDs will indicate if you should be aware of anything. After that, you can check the application and get more detailed information about the development of various parameters.

Batteries last up to two years and show you, in addition to the radon level in Becquerels, the level of airborne dust, and carbon dioxide2temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds and air pressure. This is perhaps the most comprehensive monitoring of the indoor environment that consumers can buy. The price for innovation is 2,999 kroner, but it is still difficult to get an innovation – the product developed by Norway has become very popular.

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cheap mobile

Motorola It released a new G series with five new models. the cheapest, G31 To 1999 kroner, it comes with a 6.4-inch OLED screen and a 5 Ah battery. After that, it doesn’t help that the specs are entirely moderate, but we think the 50MP main camera holds up well for many.

add 500 kroner G41You get a 48-megapixel camera with optical stabilization and a 30W charger. Two hundred dollars more, and you get 5G, but also a 120Hz LED display. We will choose the OLED model. And if you have more to contribute, the top model Moto G200 5G costs 4,999 kroner with a 6.8-inch 144Hz OLED display. It has the heaviest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor, 108MP camera and much more. Almost higher specs at a lower price, ie.

Norwegian Drying

Is there anything that will please Norwegians young and old who get wet in their feet and hands, it is the Norwegian invention from Hemsedal urchin. They have developed a series of shoe and glove dryers that actually work. We tested two models and can report lightning fast success.

The founders of the company, who of course have young children, found that the models on the market were unable to withstand any pressure when set in place to dry. It’s just a pathetic airflow. But the fan on this pushes the air out even if it encounters resistance. The result is a drying time of approximately one-fifth of the usual. The three different models OctopusAnd hanger And Wall Costs from 1695 to 1995 crowns.

For one year use

If you ski and pole vault, the season is short but healthy. If you were given an ice cream machine, it would be the other way around. Depends a little on the mixture, then. We tested – and were very surprised how much better “buy ice cream” is. This probably says more about how much was saved on quality ingredients in ice boxes. Wilva Vanilla ice cream machine Even 1,899 kroner can produce 1.5 liters of ice in less than an hour. In other words, it is enough to put the cooling and stir when serving the appetizer, then the dessert is ready to serve.

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The machine is not limited to ice. Slush is a winner with the youngest, and the frozen drink is popular with those on the aging curve a bit. By and large, it’s the imagination that limits you as a freezer chef.

sound schemes

There are good reasons to choose SonosThe soundboard when you fill the living room with “Happy Birthday”. they beam generation 2 It is an upgraded version that contains more powerful electronics that supports Dolby Atmos. This means that it can fill the image of the sound in front of the TV with sound in the vertical axis, not just the width.

If you listen carefully, the effect can be heard, but first of all it has to do with the TV sound becoming part of the home Sonos system, which can play music from the app when the TV is not in use. Santa Claus believes that it makes up well for the price of around 5,000 crowns.

kind of hearing

110 projects of GBL Readymade Garments Not like other bluetooth headphones. This one does what is in the name; He plays out loud. very high. Two 5.25-inch bass and two 2.25-inch woofers provide it, without distortion. The music is simply great, but if you listen a lot you can count on the wrath of your neighbors.

PartyBox runs on batteries and has a built-in light show that contributes to the party factor. As well as the microphone input. “White Christmas” gets so much better when you drown out a Bing Crosby recording with your own karaoke sound. In kr per kilo, this is at 3790 kr, a very cheap bluetooth headset. It is also measured in decibels.

to the player

A real player can’t do with standard computers. Take the right stuff. as Logitech GPro X SuperliteMouse, to 995kr, when milliseconds and accuracy are critical.

And then, of course, a headset is needed. then it G Pro X Wireless To 1295 kroner which applies. Because it’s not just about getting a good sound. It should look tough, too.

to the dead

A Christmas gift that can come off very quickly is an alcohol analyzer. Alcotrix FCA30 Is a small wind machine for 699 kr that can make you less anxious the day after the christmas events, even if you see a yellow and white car with blue lights here and there.

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Small hit, and you’re seconds away from knowing a thousand.


A tablet is always a welcome gift. Nokia the new T20 The screen resolution is 1200 times 2000 pixels on a 10.4 inch screen and offers a very long battery life. The octa-core processor is not the fastest on the market, but it does last a long time for most applications.

Best of all, the price: 2,690 kroner for a board in 4/64 configuration and cheap 4G sim cards. We also note that we found stereo speakers, which are important for gaming and TV.


nest bell It’s what a home needs to be able to see what’s going on outside without wiring up the power. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this allows you to see, hear, and speak to those who call – or the most suspicious people who don’t. The pager doesn’t need wifi doorbell inside. It can ring in all Nest speakers in the house. Because Google owns Nest. The Ring-rival Ring Company is owned by Amazon.

The processor in the bell itself quickly determines whether it is a human or a dog without having to send the image to the cloud. And then it has a huge advantage over many other video loop hours: you don’t have to subscribe to go back in time, even if only the last three hours are free. This makes the price of the 1990 kroner more acceptable, although the video resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels is not the best in its class.

to the garden

Christmas isn’t peak gardening season, but with electric one-handed pruning as a gift, decluttering your Christmas tree can be quick after the new year. Milwaukees M12 Fuel Hatchet The sword has a length of only 15 cm and a modest chain speed of 5 m / s, but the traction is very good, and it cuts impressively thick branches.

Last year we tested GTA 26, Stihl’s competitor, but the newcomer from Milwaukee is stronger, faster and reminiscent of a mini Pro case. But it is also much more expensive: without a battery and charger, the M12 FHS-0X, which is the product code, costs from 2,663 crowns. That’s nearly a thousand dollars more than what the Stihl competitor costs, including two 10.8-volt batteries and a charger.

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