TV 2 confirms the new season of The Game

TV 2 confirms the new season of The Game

The reality show, which has so far averaged 900,000 viewers per episode, will receive even more.

– Launching a completely new concept in 2024 is no easy feat. But with “The Game” we have already achieved the goal. Viewers love it and can't seem to get enough of it. That's why we were early in the process of negotiating a new season, says show editor Trygve Ronningen at TV 2 in a press release.

The South Korean concept premiered on TV 2 in February. Gave references VG Five roll dice program.

The channel indicates that the average number of viewers for the episodes so far has reached 900,000 viewers, while the first episode exceeded one million viewers.

In the first season of the show, twelve celebrities, including Annette Hof (62), Martine Lundy (28), and Henrik Fladseth (35), moved into a large, modern villa, to vote for one participant at a time.

Participants: (formerly) Line Andersen, Martine Lund, Danby Choi, Ida Elise Broch, Henrik Fladseth, Erik Thorstedt, Viktoria Skau, Hermann Dahl, Annette Hof, Vidar Magnussen, Steffen Eriksen and Martha Livstad. Image: TV2

What they don't know is that those who voted Leave are not being sent back to their homes, but to their basement – much to their surprise.

-I never imagined that I would live in such a place. It was very terrible, Hof previously told VG, and stressed that things went better when more people were also sent to the garage.

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With the show now on television, the bunker has become even more popular among potential new participants.

However, Ronningen promises “new controversies and surprises”, but is reticent about the details.

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– What steps are we taking to surprise players and viewers in Season 2 that we almost have to keep to ourselves for a longer period, otherwise there will be no surprise.

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