Smoke coming out of “Company Lauritzen”: – A state of shock

Smoke coming out of “Company Lauritzen”: – A state of shock

That's what Nora Haukland (27) screams in the Battle of the Mist at the end of this weekend's episode of “Kompani Lauritzen,” as she fights against “Stjernekamp” winner Knut Marius Djupvik (36) to let her continue.

The task is to shoot different colored balloons – which is difficult due to the fact that they also have to deal with the color that is lettered on the balloons.

Jobvik wins narrowly.

-I was very sad when I stopped working, because I was ready to move on. It was almost a state of shock. For the first time in a long time I felt a sense of mastery and that I had achieved something, Haukland tells VG.

– Plus, I got stronger very quickly, which was fun too. No, I really liked my version inside “Kompani Lauritzen”.

-I push myself

According to an Alta influencer, there was relief in speaking to the TV 2 series' flagbearer, Geir Acker, after the defeat became a reality.

-He is a warm and kind person. He told me I didn't need to see this as the end of the trip, because it was continuing at home.

I did it, you think.

-I push myself more after participating, because now I know that I can always do more. I have become more self-confident in general and gained more willpower after “Company”.

She now hopes to create a season with participants who didn't make it this far.

– Then I'll join and then I'll wear the hat!

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