May 28, 2023


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Eric Saade won the Swedish "Skal vi danse" award - VG

Eric Saade won the Swedish “Skal vi danse” award – VG

Cersros: Eric Saade celebrated precious drops after the victory.

Pop star Eric Saade (31) is Sweden’s new dance king.


After you have been asked to join “Let’s Dance” 11 timesEric Saadeh finally answered yes. And with great success.

In Saturday’s final, HE and dance coach Katja Logan Engelholm (30) escaped with a victory in the fight against YouTuber and actor Philip Dikme (25) – and coach Lynne Heigdahl (26).

Saadeh threw himself around the dance partner’s neck and hugged everyone who crowded around him.

– Ja! You hear him screaming Expressen . live broadcast.

according to Aftonbladet The dancing couple received the same number of points from the jury, so it was the votes of the viewers that determined the result.

Hejdal By the way, last yearwhen I learned another Philip – a Norwegian-born Philip Lambrecht (25).

Finalists: Left: Lynne Hegdahl, Philip Dickmann, Eric Saadeh and Katja Logan Engelholm.

– Actually, I said no to everything that had nothing to do with music, but when that question came up for the eleventh time, I figured I would say yes. “I want to get in, play and learn something new,” Saadeh told the TV show After Five. In February of this year.

Saad, who is considered a major pop artist in his homeland, has performed in Norway on several occasions. he sang Romantic duo “Imagine”. With dimple tone (33).

A look back at the incident of humor between Saadeh and then-fiancé Demly Axel Heaney in 2012: