Len Nystrom spoke of Aqua’s critics as “one wonders of success”:—they didn’t want to respect that

Len Nystrom spoke of Aqua’s critics as “one wonders of success”:—they didn’t want to respect that
Top: Aqua in 1997. From left: Klaus Norien (finished 2016), Rene Dave, Lynn Nystrom and Soren Rasted.

The Danish band, along with the Norwegian singer, is enjoying a new spring in the wake of the movie “Barbie”. At the same time, Lene Nystrøm comes up with a jab at those who consider Aqua as a “one wonder”.


In the summer of 1997, Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” was a pop cultural phenomenon with an influence not unlike that of Greta Garwig’s “Barbie” at the time of writing:

It is everywhere and discussed.

For a long time it was assumed and stated that the ancient Aqua Killer would not be included in the film.

Shortly before the premiere, the song was nevertheless included in Pink Heat, as the basis for the Nicki Minaj / Ice Spice song “Barbie World”. He’s headlining the movie’s soundtrack.

Aqua members are songwriters on “Barbie World,” which is the seventh most popular song of all time Spotify worldwidewith about four million daily plays.

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million a day

However, “Barbie” fever gave new life to the Aqua themselves and hit them in 1997.

“Barbie Girl” has always been popular and recently had 400 million plays on Spotify.

But in July, the song entered the streaming service’s daily list of the 200 Most Played Songs Worldwide for the first time.

It is now played nearly a million times a day.

Aqua’s new wind in sails has attracted attention internationally, including the British newspaper Watchman A longer interview with the band has now been published.

This was done when, according to the newspaper, Aqua recently held its first-ever US concert.

Still Pink: Aqua in 2021. From left: Soren Rasted (54), Lynn Nystrom (49) and Renee Dave (55).

The report addresses the stamp that Aqua has had for a quarter of a century: “one hit wonders” – a term coined for artists known for their one-stroke only.

There it is indicated that two more songs after “Barbie Girl” went to number one in the UK: “Doctor Jones” and “Turn Back Time”.

“Doctor Jones” also topped the charts in a number of other countries, and in 2000, Aqua did it again sharply with the single “Cartoon Heroes.”

– I think some critics wanted us to be “One Wonder,” because they didn’t want to respect that, Len Nystrom tells The Guardian.

– It happened very quickly

Aqua’s record company MCA was sued in 1997 by Barbie Concept’s owner and manufacturer, American Mattel. They didn’t like turning the song and video into a pop doll.

MCA countered charges of defamation. The conflict ended in 2002, when the judge dismissed both lawsuits concluding that “the parties are encouraged to cool off a bit.”

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Trophy Party: Aqua in 2000, with gold and platinum awards pouring in around them for all the records they sold.

In the aftermath of “Barbie”, the debate over whether Aqua’s song was simply a sexually charged joke, or whether it was art criticism, was renewed.

Anyway, Mattel — who was also behind the movie — burst onto the scene in May, according to the band, with the request that Aqua appear on the Nicki Minaj/Ice Spice single.

Len Nystrom told The Guardian that Aqua initially realized that the filmmakers would rather have something fresh and new out of their classic songs.

– Then he asked us to cooperate. She says it happened very quickly.

According to the paper, the band now feels Mattel has buried the hatchet with this.

According to The Guardian, Aqua has been touring steadily since 2012. Their next two concerts are We Love the ’90s events in Stavanger and Fredrikstad, before three concerts in Canada at the end of the month.

Len Nystrom’s ex-husband and Aqua Surin Rusted member told the paper that the band is sometimes tired of each other, sometimes not.

The former couple appear to be good friends, judging by the friendly photos on Instagram.

– We have about 40 concerts a year, and 40 isn’t your whole life, so it becomes something you look forward to every time, says the Dane.


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