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Shabana Rahman met Ingrid Simonsen in a duel on “Varmin as Gendis”.

Shabana Rahman (45) lost to Ingrid Simonsen (28) in the second season duel of “Varmin as Gendis”.

– What I felt, I expressed there and then, in front of the camera. I was overwhelmed with Ingrid’s mad joy at flying her fencing victory and I thought she needed this more. And Shabana Rahman wrote in an email to VG, “I didn’t like it.”

Rahman is known as a comedian, writer, and speaker. Coming out of “The Farm Celebrity”, it coped well. On the show, she said she enjoyed Ingrid Simonsen’s win, before continuing:

– I also felt afterwards that it was a little sad to leave the new close friends I made here at that time.

Shabana Rahman says she had a great experience at “The Farm Celebrity”.

– Doesn’t hold grudges

Fazlur Rahman was already exposed in the first week at the farm. Dorthe Skappel, 59, was a big farmer that week, concluding by choosing Rahman as the first champion.

– I didn’t go out crooked with Dorothy, nor do I want to say. But I was the first to be referred to by Dorthe as the person she wanted out of. I had no problem with it, but the way it worked, which many agreed with, was part of a poorly performing alliance. Rahman writes, I don’t hold a grudge.

– We are just people and Kjersti and Vebjørn became friends for life, otherwise I had great moments with Mini, Adam, Sophie and Øyunn. Yes, Dorothy too.

Kjersti Greeny (50) got along with Rahman on The Farm. She also referred to the alliance that Rahman is aiming for.

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– I sat during the duel and wished badly for Shabana. But what should I say? It really felt like young people got together and played games, while we adults put a lot of energy into the social challenge. I wanted Shabana to win, while the youngsters probably hoped more for Ingrid, Grenny tells VG.

Kjersti Grini got along well with Shabana Rehman in “Farmen kjendis”.

Skappel goes to Grini in the first week and asks if she can’t imagine becoming the first champion, then eliminates Rehman. Greniy quickly tells Rahman what Schabel asked him. Not only did it create a good atmosphere, though, Rahman and Scapable sorted it out.

– You can see about ten percent of what’s going on there. Doroth and Shabana did a good job. But you see that there are five or six guys who ally themselves very quickly, and then it wouldn’t take much for them to end up outside. But it has nothing to do with Shabana, because someone has to get out. I think it’s obvious how good and nice she is. Even when she’s so vulnerable, she thinks of everyone else. Still just caring. Greenie says it’s totally fine.

Rahman himself believes that everything is presented in its entirety authentically on television.

– I didn’t know anyone else on The Farm, except Little Viburn before. Kjersti got quick chemistry when we had the same humor and she is an honest and genuine lady. The first week was marked by Big Farmer Dorothy wanting me out, so the others might have been so fond of it, and I think they looked at me as someone who didn’t fit into their gang, she writes.

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– In the second week, the “gang” got to know me better, had a great week.

Shabana Rahman and Ingrid Siemensen say goodbye after the duel at Farmin as Gendis.

– I’m not a player

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Farm Celebrity,” she spoke to influencer Sophie Elise Isaacsen about the fact that they’ve been in storms.

Shabana Rahman Born Free announces: We’ve been under pressure to bankrupt

– How did it feel to appear in front of TV viewers/audience in a place like “The Farm” now?

– Now it must be said that there are astronomical differences between the storms Sophie Elise was in and the storms I was in. I’m not a player, neither privately nor publicly, and I’m fine with that. Rahman wrote that “The Farm” did not change me to become something else or to act like something other than myself.

Sophie Elise won Golbarbie: – Now they are totally on a whim

– I think “The Farm” was first and foremost a very sensual and beautiful experience, which made me forget previous storms and put things behind me. Except for the demand episode where Dorothy tried to get Greene to get me out. It gave me the need to tackle previous storms. But it was surprisingly easy – because unlike the reality drama – Kjersti Grini showed integrity and spine and refused to join a dirty game. Later, Dorothy confessed everything, lay down and apologized. Then everything was fine for me and I was ready to move on.

Rahman says the “farm” was a wonderful experience that mostly filled her with joy.

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I’m not so upset that I find people “too much” or “annoying.” If someone doesn’t do something well or crosses the line, you say no, clean it up and move on. Beyond that, people should thrive, be plenty and themselves for my part. Why should we all be exactly the same?

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