SAS, aviation | Dagfinn has been informed that his SAS flight has been cancelled:

SAS, aviation |  Dagfinn has been informed that his SAS flight has been cancelled:

Dagfinn Ringås booked the Svalbard trip as a gift for the family and their 6-8 sisters. mayo.

We used to travel from Friday to Sunday. Two weeks before we traveled to Svalbard, the return flight was moved from Sunday to evening to Saturday.

– She lifts hair

The family booked a lot of activities on Friday and Saturday.

– It’s totally hopeless. It doesn’t make sense to fly to Svalbard on Friday and go home on Saturday night.

Rengas contacted SAS to find out why the airline was rebooking them on another flight.

– I was informed that Sunday’s flight was cancelled, but then I told the SAS employee that tickets can still be booked online for the same flight. The person concerned replied again that the flight had been cancelled. In the end, my sisters got home on Monday, and booked a new flight home for Sunday with Norwegian.

When Rengas arrived at the airport, he was shocked.

– When I went to the airport, I saw that the SAS plane was still on schedule. The flight has not been cancelled. It raises the hair. Why are they lying about this?

Rengas has been a Massey member of SAS for many years, and wonders if he was kicked out because the flight was booked with bonus points.

– Of course there will be speculation on my part, but soon I think they overbooked the plane and ran into a problem they chose to solve by getting rid of those who booked the flight with extra points.

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– The plane has been returned

John Eckhoff, a press officer for SAS, says the flight was canceled, but then rescheduled.

– We were not then able to book all the original passengers. This is very unfortunate, and of course we refund the canceled ticket and provide accommodation for those who may spend an extra night.

The cancellations with the airline have made several headlines in the past two weeks.

Last week, Nettavisen wrote about Jean-Toury Kierre’s trip to France, which was Canceled a few hours before departure, while sleeping.

– It is disrespectful to cancel only 2 hours before while sleeping. It diminishes our leave and destroys the quality. Nettavisen’s sporting director said we should have been informed earlier.

The reason in this case was the illness of one of the pilots and the problems of finding another pilot in such a short time.

And it was announced last week that SAS will cut its flights this summer, both domestically and abroad. All Scandinavians are affected, and an aviation analyst believes about 650,000 Norwegians could change their summer plans.

But Eckhoff thinks there’s nothing to worry about.

Few people are affected, with only 4,000 flights canceled out of a total of 75,000. Most were rebooked for another flight the same day, says press director John Eckhoff to Nettavisen.

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