TV attacks Sylvie after a fight

TV attacks Sylvie after a fight

The scandal surrounding the Chelsea began when NRK’s ​​news coverage of the one – year anniversary of the attack on Congress in Washington, D.C.

FRP Profile John Helkheim Criticized the Election.

“Is the use of rock musicians as expert commentators in complex political analyzes common in the radical media, or does it only happen to the NRK taxman?”, Helkheim wrote on Twitter.

– Depression

Now Selcher changes the shot and demands a response from the FRP leader himself. He thinks it was remarkably quiet from that edge in relation to the anniversary.

He wonders where Frp is now.

As an American, the only thing I saw from FRP MPs was, “But what about Black Lives Matter” and this fuss about my lack of expertise. I was stunned.

Money: Sylvie Listak, leader of the Progressive Party, believes people now need more money in their personal budgets. Video: Christian Fjermeros / Doppleted, Reporter: Jர்கrgen Gilbrand
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On January 8 last year, about 2,000 Trump supporters stormed the US Congress building. Seltser points out that Republicans are the FRP’s fraternal party in the United States, and that major Republicans withdrew their condemnation of the attack during the anniversary.

The NRK star hopes the FRP will “murmur and roll its eyes” during the congressional attack.

– As the party prepares to further destroy democracy, the Central Republicans, who were shaken by last year’s attack, have returned to 180 degrees.

– Promotes terrorism

However, Selcher, best known for his documentary series “UXA” in the USA, praised the performance of Frps and Listhaug after last year’s attacks.

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– Sylvie Listak says she’s been very good and solid after last year’s attack on American democracy, and I greatly appreciate Solvic Olson’s observations on American society after he recently lived there with his family.

Now that means he’s surprisingly quiet, and thinks they should come back to the field. The editor and documentary producer told Dagbladet a week ago that he was deeply concerned about developments in the United States.

– I would like to challenge the FRP, the sister party of the Republican Party, which they now stand one year after the attack on Congress. Republican calls for terrorism and moves away from democracy, Selcher concludes.

– Strange charges

FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug did not understand the criticism.

– I think these are the strange accusations of the Cheltsa. My views on what happened on 6 January 2021 are the same today as they were then, Listak writes in response to DocPlate.

- Strange: FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug did not understand the challenge and criticism of Thomas Selters.  Photo: Thomas Rosmus Skok / Dogplatted

– Strange: FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug did not understand the challenge and criticism of Thomas Selters. Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skok / Dogplatted
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Listhaug served as a coach on the House of Representatives for four months in 2005. He says the scenes at the castle of American democracy a year ago had a strong impact on him.

– Witnessed the pictures of the vandals entering the magnificently beautiful Congress building. The crimes are fortunately being pursued by the judiciary there, Listak says.

Anxiety development

The FRP leader says he shares Celtic’s concern for the rest of the motherland.

– This is a worrying development in American politics. Europe and Norway depend on the strong United States for democracy. It is sad to see the growth that has taken place in the Democratic and Republican parties. I would say both were better than before. There are fears that the split in the United States could endanger democracy, and it is sad to witness that.

– Since Cheltsar and I have relatives in the same city in California, we can both get some shots from the people who live there. I have to be very honest to say that I hope both parties can put up new candidates and blank sheets when it comes to the next presidential election, Listak concludes.

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