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Twisted game

It was completed by Ole Gunnar Solskjær. The question now is how Cristiano Ronaldo will act under a new coach.

Manchester United midfielders are good at talking about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He would have needed more if they bled for him on the field.

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There appears to be almost complete agreement that it was appropriate for Manchester United to sack Solskjaer. The occasional Norwegian booster would probably insist he should have been given more time, but in recent days there has been talk of inhaling and exhaling that the Norwegian wasn’t skillful enough.

This is the brutal truth. But it’s also much more complicated than that.

Of course, hindering the club is not just Solskjaer’s fault.

The problems go deeper than management easily equates to being a legend as a player and being able to master a managerial job at this level.

One of the most important places to focus is the critical spotlight at the summit which failed to replace Alex Ferguson with something successful.

It is a fact that the club failed with David Moyes.

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They failed with Louis van Gaal.

They never got the right match with Jose Mourinho.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjær, there were already signs of a return to club spirit.

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But when this is also left as an error in the history books, there is reason to ask a series of important questions about how the club is run and run.

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Also, one might wonder if the players have shown the professionalism we should expect from the overpaid world stars.

In several matches this fall, not least the humiliation against Watford, it didn’t seem like United’s key players were present in their heads.

Well, you may not be at your best every time. But there is just something about courage, attitude, and a willingness to sacrifice something for a mission that has often been a little absent.

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Here, of course, the manager does an important job as a motivator. At the same time, the manager relies on the players making the breeze so that the plan works.

There was a lot to capture here.

When we now see the verbal enthusiasm of many Manchester United players for the resigning coach, it is clear to think about how much value they would have had if they had been motivated on the pitch.

It’s much easier to kick one manager out than x number of players, but the game goes awry when the consequences are completely different.

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Although we don’t know the extent or credibility, it is interesting to read that several key players have questioned Solskjær.

But how many critical questions did players ask themselves and their accomplishments this fall?

One of the hardest things to remain when it was the last part of Solskjær’s managerial job was the impact that this had on bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to the club.

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On the one hand, Ronaldo has been important as a goal hunter, not least in the Champions League, and he has nine goals since his comeback.

At the same time, many crucial questions were raised about what his participation did with the dynamics, style of play and the need for the strongest possible group.

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Now Ronaldo thanks Solskjaer with the words “He was my striker when I first came to Old Trafford, and he has been my coach since I came back. But most of all, Ole is a unique person.”

What happened behind closed doors is still uncertain, but we will soon know how the Portuguese will succeed under the new administration. It’s primarily Michael Carrick, while speculation is, of course, on high alert as to who will be the next permanent president.

Zidane? Tin Hag? Could Pochettino be tempted away from Paris Saint-Germain stars?

Time will tell, and obviously the problem is that timing limits the number of qualified candidates.

For Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the future is uncertain, and he now has plenty of time to paint the future. It is possible that he will struggle to get a job of a similar level, but the opportunities abound in different countries.

And no one should be surprised if we see him in time in an ambassadorial role at the club he loves so much.

He is sacrificed in a game where the manager automatically gets black money, but the loss is no worse than he is still loved at Manchester United.

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It is not trivial.

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