Ukraine, Russia | The reason for the big mistake of the Russians could be: – an obvious victory

Ukraine, Russia |  The reason for the big mistake of the Russians could be: – an obvious victory

The war in Ukraine takes place mainly on the battlefields, in the political game, but also in a constant information war between the parties. According to their reports, the number of dead, destroyed military equipment, and the capture of cities is something that the two sides can never agree on.

Now the Czech company Inflatech claims to have an answer for the Russians’ high regards when it comes to malfunctioning weapon systems. Because during a press conference, the company said that about a third of the reported visits should be called “decoys.” So an exact copy of the real weapons.

– For example, the Russians claimed that they destroyed 44 HIMARS systems in September, and then probably shot decoys. There are plenty of such examples, Lieutenant Colonel Gere Hagen Carlsen tells Nettavisen.

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The company proudly displayed what looks to the untrained eye as inflatable Western military installations and vehicles, but are they effective?

It definitely has a function and it’s totally normal. The Ukrainian made simple deceptions for the NASAMS and HIMARS air defenses. You just make a version that looks like a box truck with some cargo in the back. Carlsen says this has been a long known move.

But he points out that it’s not just about putting an inflatable tank in a field.

– The advantage is that the enemy mostly shoots decoys instead of actual weapons. It only works if you’re smart and don’t make it clear that it’s a hoax.

Old trick

The British Museum Imperial War Museum He writes that rubber decoys were used during World War II. In their photos you can see things very similar to those that the Czech company photographed in the deserts of North Africa.

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Deception is as old as war itself and there are many ways to do it. One is to get the enemy to fire at something that isn’t an actual target, and the other is to make the enemy think you’re going to do something completely different than you actually intended, says Carlsen, who highlights a trick for Allied forces during World War II.

– At the time, they fooled the Germans into thinking the troops would cross the English Channel, when in reality they were going to invade Europe via Normandy. Carlsen says the enemy will concentrate their forces in places other than where they are attacking.

– a completely clear victory

according to Forbes The company should be able to produce 35 decoys each month. The purpose is simply to make the Russians waste ammunition.

– They waste valuable ammo and actual and real weapon systems are taken care of. At the same time, one cannot simply be misled. If you shoot with HIMARS, you’ll be easily recognized, but then you can move the real weapon system after you fire, then place a decoy nearby.

Although this inflatable device from Inflatech cost two hundred thousand, it was still much cheaper than actual weapons. For example, the Norwegian government buys 54 Leopard 2 tanks for NOK 19.7 billion.

– It’s very cheap to have an old truck with crates like weapons in the back, and at least it’s a lot cheaper than the missiles the Russians use. There is little effort to secure important weapons. If you trick the enemy into shooting a decoy, Carlsen says, it’s quite obviously a victory.

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