March 23, 2023


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Cars stopped traffic on the E6 at Furuset

On Saturday afternoon, several people got out of their cars and jumped onto car roofs on the E6 northeast of Oslo. – Traffic came to a complete standstill, police said.

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According to the Oslo Police District, there must have been at least eight to ten people in the three cars allegedly involved in the music video recording.

– Traffic came to a complete standstill, operations manager Bjorn Gunner Nisetter tells VG.

It was a short-lived stunt. The police received information about the incident at 16.12. They arrived at the scene a few minutes later, and then the people involved drove off, Neisseter said.

– The operations manager says that it was not agreed or approved or the police was notified about it.

TRAFFIC STOPPED: Saturday afternoon, road users must have been recording an unannounced music video.

It’s not clear who is behind it, but police have an idea of ​​what neighborhood the people are from, according to Nysetter.

He said no criminal action was taken.

The road has been reopened to traffic.

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