Police with the new Russian action – issued yellow and red cards

Police with the new Russian action – issued yellow and red cards

Skedsmo feels chased by the Russian police at secondary school. They reply that it is not the job of the police to organize a party.

Red card: Russian bus “Hot Dogs” lost the key to the unit on Wednesday night. Photo: Private

The concept is simple: Is the Russian breaking the law i District For policemen in the east, for example, disturbing the peace of the night with loud music will now get them a yellow card from the police.

After this, red card can be applied. This means that the police can confiscate parts of the sound system or report the vehicle and the passenger to the responsible driver.

Romerikes Blad He was the first to mention the new move.

– We were disappointed

– We try to follow the rules, but we feel that the police are hunting Russians, treating us unfairly, and we are disappointed that this is how Russian time should be.

That's what Dio Deboko Korstad says from the “Hot Dogs” bus. On Wednesday night, they were gathered at Cardermon Motor Park, along with several buses, when police rushed to the scene.

14 Russian buses were checked. 12 buses were given a yellow card, which means an order not to play disturbing music at night.

Two buses were given a red card and parts of the sound system – including “hot dogs” – were confiscated.

Russian celebration: Somewhere in eastern Norway on Wednesday night – the sender of the photo doesn't remember exactly where it was taken. Photo: Private

– They took the key to the unit and we can't roll until we get it back, says Korstad.

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– Police say people should sleep even though it's Russian time?

– Of course, I agree with that, but we try our best to find places where there are no houses around.

– The police have our backs

Kårstad Skedsmo attends secondary school. Several Russians who were at the school Wednesday night stopped by and shared his frustration:

– The school board writes in a joint statement to VG that the police always have our backs and stop the celebration rather than contributing to a safe event.

They believe police have closed off areas where the Russians stopped in previous years, and say they are struggling to find alternative locations.

– We believe that the authorities should create a list of legal parking places that will not disturb the residents around, but without the help of the police, it will be difficult for us too.

Action on yellow and red cards should have been announced earlier, the Russian board believes.

– There's nothing we can do about it now, but it's crazy that they have to resort to such a solution!

The police's Nettpatrulje announced the move in a Facebook post on Tuesday this week. Photo: Police / Facebook

– It is not the duty of the police to organize a party

– I understand that they have been planning for a long time and want to celebrate. At the same time, there are many elements that the police have to take into account, and unfortunately we have to leave again and again because of the noise.

said Superintendent of Police Razab Shahzad Ahmed, Detention Wing, East Police District.

He says it is not the police's job to organize parties.

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– We need to be safe for the Russians and the surrounding area. Russians need meeting places for parties and it is the municipality's responsibility to provide them.

Razab Shahzad Ahmed
<-Razab Shahzad Ahmed

Head of Police, Preventive Division, East Police District.

He insists that the yellow and red cards are not an extension of their legal powers, but an attempt to make the message about the police's tools easier to understand.

Of the 51 buses in East Police District, no criminal cases have been registered so far.

– That credit goes to the Russians, he says.

He believes the police have had a good conversation with Russian presidents in the district and encourages Russians to contact local police offices if they want to.

– We have a good impression of Russ this year. There are individual incidents and personal elements that make us strict, but we want to keep the conversation going.

  • The decibel meter wasn't quite as loud when I did informal testing with the VG E18 two years ago, but the bass is still noticeable:

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