– Few opportunities to come ashore before arbitration deadline – E24

– Few opportunities to come ashore before arbitration deadline – E24

The minutes move towards a deadline for mediation between parties in the construction industry. If the parties do not agree, there will be a general strike involving more than 16,700 construction workers.

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– The simple answer is that there is more. There's a lot to work on here, both financially and on a number of specific questions. But we are doing well, the parties have worked well, says mediator Karl-Peter Martinsson from Riksmegleren to NTB on Tuesday evening, less than two hours before the mediation deadline.

16,700 construction workers will go on strike on Wednesday unless mediation is successful. Mediation deadline is midnight.

The broker estimates it will be a long evening.

– Yes, I think I should say that. Martinsen says there is little chance of getting ashore before the deadline.

– Not giving up

But the parties have many things on the table and the mediator is confident that a general strike can be avoided.

– You must always be an optimist. I am also in this mediation. There are so many topics and complex, complex questions that it takes a long time to chew through.

– We have not given up on reaching a comprehensive solution for all that mediation entails. But the volume of questions is really the main thing at present. We have a lot to work on.

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– Is there a risk of a strike?

– It's always in the cards. But I have no desire to give it away. We are working on it, Martinsen replied.

900 companies

After nearly 20 hours of overtime, the front-row parties concluded their mediation on Sunday. If the basic calculations are correct, the total margin should increase purchasing power by 5.2 percent.

Now it's the turn of construction lessons, the starting point from the previous lesson will be difficult. Declining demand in the construction industry, rising interest rates and more expensive materials have left a mark on activity in recent years, writes E24. Sales of new homes and starts measured lower in February.

On Monday, mandatory mediation between Fellesforbundet and NHO Byggenæringen began with the Riksmekleren, so the deadline ends at midnight on Wednesday night.

The strike withdrawal is distributed among nearly 900 companies. In addition to salary and continuing and further education, an agreement regulating work and travel time is an important topic in negotiations.

There are several large contractors that could be affected by strikes if the parties do not agree, including Veidekke, Peab and Skanska.

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