The woman is accused of killing her own dog boy in Brumundal. – NRK Innlandet – Local News, Television and Radio

The woman is accused of killing her own dog boy in Brumundal.  – NRK Innlandet – Local News, Television and Radio

Sentenced to six years imprisonment.

It should be a pleasant visit to a close relative in Bromundal this June day in the summer of 2021.

But the one-and-a-half-year-old boy was killed A dog on the site.

The girl who owned the dog was a close relative of the boy and his family.

The man is currently being charged in the aftermath of the tragic incident.

Attack of a dog

According to the indictment, the owner allowed two dogs of his own to roam freely in the garden, and the door to the living room porch was open.

Between the porch and the living room, the owner had set up a makeshift gate, but one of the dogs, a Rodweiler, caught the boy. The boy died on the spot after being bitten.

In a press release, police write that the case will soon be sent to Østre Innlandet to shape the investigation.

Tragedy for all

The dogs belonged to the Rottweiler and Golden Retriever breeds and were killed shortly after the tragic incident on Saturday, June 5 last summer.

The woman, who owned the dogs, was soon charged with violating Section 28 of the Dog Act.

This means that the owner may be penalized for failing to prevent or prevent a dog from attacking or injuring a human.

The case shook the local community.

The crisis team in the Ringsecker municipality is involved in helping families.

It is very rare for dogs to attack and kill humans.

Nine people have been killed by dogs in Norway in the last twenty years.

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Extensive investigation

Jens-Henrik Lyon

Defend the dog owner: Attorney Jens Henrik Lyon defends the woman who owns the dogs.

Photo: Private

Police have been investigating for about ten months.

This is due to waiting for external documents and investigations.

The public prosecutor was not satisfied with the way, and asked the police for an investigation.

– In such a serious case, it is necessary to use the time taken, said police prosecutor Ranveek Tufde to the NRK when the case was referred to the public prosecutor.

Jens Henrik Leon, the woman’s defense attorney, says her client was informed of the content of the indictment. Beyond that he now makes no comment.

Dore Famstad is the boy’s father’s assistant lawyer and has no other opinion than whether he is considering the charge.

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