Ukraine war – – stop the invasion

Ukraine war - - stop the invasion

British Ministry of Defense Reports in the morning that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has serious problems.

– The ministry wrote that the invasion mostly stopped on all fronts.

– Huge losses

They explained that the Russian forces, according to British intelligence, “have made little progress on land, sea and air in recent days.”

– They write still suffer great losses.

The main reason is the strong Ukrainian opposition.

theater bomb: Russian forces bombed a theater in Mariupol containing civilians.
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– Still stable and well-coordinated. According to the modernization, the vast majority of Ukrainian lands, including all major cities, are still in the hands of Ukrainians.

Bombing despite the “children”

Mayor of Mykolaiv condemns the second largest city in Ukraine, Oleksandr Shenkevich Russian attack on the stage In the coastal city of Mariupol, which is also located in the south of the country.

Ukrainian authorities say that between 1,000 and 1,200 civilians were inside the building and used it as a living space when the attack happened yesterday. So far, there has been little information about the extent of the damage.

– I would call this Russian Nazi, because they killed people. When they say they are trying to “de-Nazify” or “disarm” Ukraine, it is nonsense, because they only kill civilians, says Senkevich. BBC.

“Children”: The satellite image of the theater clearly shows that the word “Children” is written in front and behind the building as a warning to enemy aircraft. Photo: Maxar Technologies / EyePress News / Shutterstock / NTB
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Satellite images of the building, taken two days ago, show that “Children” was written in Russian in large white letters in the square in front of and behind the building.

– I think they like the taste of blood, the Ukrainian mayor continues.

According to the RIA news agency, the Russian Defense Ministry denied targeting the theater. Instead, they claimed right-wing Ukrainian militias blew up the building — without providing evidence, it reported Sky News.

This morning, the authorities in Mariupol reported that there are survivors, as the shelter is intact. According to Reuters, it was not clear how many survived.

– shoot down planes

Fighting continues to rage in large parts of the country.

It was said that Ukrainian forces shot down a Russian plane over the Kyiv region last night. Writes Ukrainian InterfaxQuoting the Minister of Defense of the country Valery Zaluzhny.

In addition, another Russian military aircraft was said to have been destroyed in the same area, according to Zluzhny.

A number of targets in Ukraine were hit by bombs or artillery shells. In Mereva in Kharkiv Oblast, a school was reported to have been badly damaged. In Darnitsky Kyiv Oblast, one person was reportedly killed after the remnants of a towed missile hit an apartment building.

27 residential buildings were destroyed in a Russian artillery bombardment on Robyzhny in Luhansk Oblast, in the east of the country, it was reported. Sputnik News ATO.

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